Windows 11 wallpapers are here, Download right now

Download Windows 11 Wallpapers

Just like Windows 11 leaked version, Wallpapers got leaked and I have not 1 or 22 but 32 Wallpapers of Windows 11.

Microsoft is about to anvil the Windows11 on 24th June 2021 and after that, you will able to Install the official version of Windows 11 but if you can’t wait till 24th June then You can Install, Windows 11 right now.

By the way, you can click here to download Windows 11 Wallpapers, I have also added some down below but I would suggest you go on the link and download as you will get high-resolution Wallpapers.

  • Download Windows 11 Wallpapers 01
  • Download Windows 11 Wallpapers 02
  • Download Windows 11 Wallpapers 03

So yes, that was it, just download the images and use them. Also, Windows 11 is going to be slightly different from Windows 10 and this time it looks like, Microsoft has worked on UI, so it’s going to be pretty good, let’s wait for 24th June 2021 and see, what new Microsoft has to offer.

Also, here is the first look of Windows 11 (leaked version)


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