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  1. I don’t think this is true because I have a Samsung galaxy A12 it is a great phone it works perfectly fine and it is fast charging, food quality photos and is just overall a good phone

      1. hey, Mustafa, I don’t hate Samsung but when it comes to a budget smartphone, they charge a bit extra. If we have better phones at the same price then there is no need to pay extra money for just Samsung Logo.

      2. What most reviewers fail to understand is the Samsung ecosystem including all the apps that Samsung mobiles are loaded. Reviews tend to point out specs only, which are important, but not more than the software of the phone.

        In that terms A12 is an excellent phone and no Chinese phone in that range can touch.

    1. I bought one on black Friday and I hate it! It often acts like someone has hacked it and starts opening and closing apps and I have no control over it. I’m so disappointed that I wasted my money on this piece of crap phone.

  2. the a12 has the whackiest selfie cam i have seen in a smartphone,,i wish i would have read this earlier,,the m3 is overall a better phone hardwarewise and am all about hardware coz i game alot,i wish i read this earlier

  3. nope i beg to differ i have been using the samsung a12 for the past 3-4 months and honestly its good smartphone and the camera picture quality is almost the same as an iphone x but as for video quality its a no but overall for gaming is good and does not freeze so its a good phonefrom my experience

  4. I bet this guy is an Iphone fan cause i had my Sansung A12 for a while now and it can do all the things that i wish on a cellphone. Why doesn’t he tell how overpriced Iphones are cause here in NY, for a Iphone 13 Mini, The smallest version, They are charging 800$! With that money i can buy a whole computer and an smartphone like an A12. The really overpriced are Iphones, Those are the really waste of money to get cause, Why waste your money on a phone just because of it camera?
    Come on, this is common sense, I bet that my A12 can do more things than an iphone, Plus, I feel like androids have more customization than Iphones, they are cheaper and almost the same quality like Overpriced Iphones.

  5. The Galaxy A12 is about as affordable as you will get here in the states full price still under $250.00 USD, there are bots that say otherwise on this and that which not true

  6. I thought like you, and I got POCO M3. but after 9 months, it turned off and never turned on again.
    No one could help, I tried every method.

    Yes, Xiaomi on paper is good. but in action, no!
    Samsung is better and the UI is what I pay for.

  7. I hate having a Galaxy A12, It’s the worst phone you could ever buy from Samsung. Once you often use the phone and download things, the phone is often slow and unable to do any more actions. It is so slow that it is even slower than my old Samsung Tab A tablet-like what? The crappiest phone I ever brought, not recommended.

  8. Maybe in india this phone is a bad deal. I live in canada and this phone costs around $180. And so far, this phone has been great!