Samsung Foldable Phone is here: : Let’s see what Samsung has done

Galaxy Fold Launched

Finally wait is over because of Samsung just anvil the latest Foldable smartphone. So let’s talk about that and take the first look

OK so we already have seen the world’s first Foldable device and yes that device is not so practical about anything because when you band Royole Flexpia, you can feel that screen is going to break any movement now. We are not complaining about that device because Royole Flexpia is world’s first Foldable device and can’t expect too much from the first stuff.

Samsung Foldable phone

Coming to Samsung Foldable Phone, the device comes with Two(2) separate display that you can see on the images given down below. The first display is outside of the phone and the other one is inside of the phone, so in short, when folding the device it’s become a normal smartphone with the resolution of 840 pixels by 1960 (21:9), and when open the device it’s become tablet with the resolution of 1536 pixel by 2152

The outside screen has a 4.58-inch display and inside screen has a 7.3-inch display.

Samsung says that this is not complete design, we are working on it and end of 2019 the device may release in the global market to purchase

And a part of that, we don’t have anything else because Samsung didn’t mention anything in the conference

So let us know what you think about this new technology in the comment section below


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