Top 5 best TWS earbuds under Rs 2,000

TWS earbuds are becoming more popular as mobile brands are removing 3.5mm audio jack from the smartphone. Earlier, earphone uses to launch by Audio company but these days, it’s not the case, almost every single companies have their TWS earbuds.

If you want to buy TWS earbuds but if you don’t want to spend more then Rs 2,000 then don’t worry, today I’m gonna tell you top 5 best TWS earbud which you can buy under Rs 2,000 in India.

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Top 5 best TWS earbuds under Rs 2,000 in India

I have added almost every single details that will help you to get best TWS earbuds. Keep in mind, the price for each earbud may change as per time, so make sure you check out the current price and to do that, just click on the one you like and you good to go. Now let’s see the best TWS for you…

Top 5 TWS earbuds under Rs 2,000 PriceBuy
Oppo Enco W11Rs 1,599BUY@Amazon
Realme Buds Air Neo Rs 1,999BUY@Amazon
boAt Airdopes 441Rs 1,999BUY@Amazon
RealMe Buds QRs 1,799BUY@Amazon
Mivi Duopods M40Rs 1,499BUY@Amazon
Redmi Earbuds S Rs 1,499BUY@Amazon

Oppo Enco W11


This is the only TWS earbuds that come with Type-C port for charging which is a big thing because all the other TWS has micro-USB port which is outdated. OPPO Enco W100 charging case has 400mAh battery while single buds have 40mAh battery which will give about 20hr of battery backup with a full charge.

It also has an IP55 rating that means it can handle sweat and a little bit of water. For those who are wondering, this can be used while exercising because it’s water-resistant, so a little bit of water won’t harm the buds.

The buds are lightweight that means there won’t be any kind of problem if you use OPPO Enco W11 for hours. The single buds will give about 5hr of battery backup which is the best thing of this TWS. Now, this is below 2k TWS earbuds that means you can’t expect best sound quality but considering the price tag, this is the best you got and that’s why I put in 1st spot.

RealMe Buds Air Neo

RealMe Buds Air neo TWS

The RealMe Buds Air Neo is not the best sounding TWS earbud under Rs 2,000 but it has tons of feature which is no available in any other TWS earbuds. The buds have Google quick pair that means when you take buds out of charging case, it will automatically connect to your smartphone which cool feature.

The buds have 13mm driver, on paper, this is best audio drivers but it’s not. The sound quality is good but it’s not too loud, so if you want loud TWS then this is not the best ones because it has plastic ear tips and that’s the reason, why outside noise will enter in your ears. Also, it has a micro-USB port for charging.

The RealMe Buds Air Neo was launched at Rs 2,999 but now, you can get this buds at only Rs 1,999.

boAt Airdopes 441

boAt Airdopes 441 TWS

boAt is an audio company, just saying. The boAt Airdopes 441 come with 10mm audio driver and this will give best audio quality because it has rubber ear tips which will fit perfectly in your ears. Also, it is meant for gym because it has a little bit of rubber tint which will hold the buds while you exercise.

The buds charging case will give about 25hr of battery life and single buds will give about 5hr of battery backup while it also has Bluetooth 5.0. The Charging case weight is about 50 grams and it does look great, just see the images above. It doesn’t look like a copy product and it’s made in India.

RealMe Buds Q

I have reviewed RealMe Buds Q while ago. I know this is budget TWS earbuds but still, I feel like RealMe has done some cost-cutting in build quality. Whenever I hold RealMe Buds Q, I feel like, RealMe has used very cheap quality plastic. So in-term of build quality, this is not the best.

As per RealMe, both earbuds will give you 4.5 hours of battery life with full charge while charging case will give you about 20 hours of battery backup.

One thing to note here, you have to keep the volume at 80% to 90% because if you keep the volume at 50% then you won’t able to listen sound that means, the buds don’t go very loud.

Mivi Duopods M40

Mivi Duopods M40 TWS

Mivi is Indian brand but they import almost everything from China because most of the parts are not available in India. Talking about Mivi Duopods M40, it comes with Bluetooth 5.0 supported which is kind of good. I haven’t used this buds but one of my friends bought one recently.

As per my friends, if your budget is below 2k and if you want the non-Chinese product then this is the best option for you. This does have good sound quality, it also has bass but it’s not very heavy. It will give about 20hr of battery backup with a full charge but Mivi doesn’t mention the Audio driver.

Mivi Duopods M40 is not the best sounding TWS earbuds but it also priced at Rs 1,499. So can’t complain much. Here I would say, take look at boAt Airdopes 441 or OPPO Enco W11.

Now, if you don’t like any of these TWS earbuds then I have one bonus one for you and even if you don’t like what I’m about to show you then I have also added some of the best TWS at the end of this post, so do check that out.

Redmi Earbuds S is priced at Rs 1,499 and this is not the best one that’s why it’s ended up in bonus but hey, if you don’t like any of these and if you want Xiaomi product then this too is not a bad option.

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