RealMe 11 Pro Plus - Bigger Mess

RealMe 11 Pro Plus 5G Prices:

– 8GB Ram + 256GB Storage: Rs 27,999 – 12GB Ram + 256GB Storage: Rs 29,999


1. 120Hz Curved Panel 2. Attractive Design 3. Whopping 100W Wired Charging Support 4. Stereo Speaker 5. Reliable 200MP Sensor 6. Not for Power-Hungry User


1. No IP Rating 2. Missing Wireless Charging 3. Ultra-Wide Lens Needs Big Improvement 4. The HDR Videos are not Producing good color 5. Plastic Frame

6. Not for Power-Hungry User 7. OIS doesn’t work in 4k 8. Filled with Bloatware 9. Bit Pricey 10 Not for Power-Hungry Usersrs

Camera Quality

Wanna Play the game, oh, sorry RealMe already played the game by adding a 200MP sensor in RealMe 11 Pro Plus.

The problem with the 200MP sensor is, it takes good images by default but

when I took a few images in 200MP mode, it wasn’t doing a great job in dynamic range and even the color reproduction wasn’t perfect at all.

The good news is, this time, the sensors are not boosting colors too much, they’re trying to make the colors as natural as they can.

RealMe has also added night mode which is improved and better compared to the last gen which does reflect well in videos as well as photos.

this takes good images under good light but when it comes to low light, it softens the images. 

8MP ultra-wide lens,

So my advice would be, try not to use the ultra-wide lens at night.

Again, the 2MP macro sensor is added for showcase, so let’s move on to the 32MP front cameras.

This is a typical Realme’s front camera, it tries to add whiter colors to the human subject.

So if you have dark skin then you will look white and smarter because the front camera will soften your skin.

the RealMe 11 Pro Plus 5G has good cameras but this is not a well-priced smartphone, this would have been a great option at Rs 24,999 but at Rs 27999, it doesn't have the good cameras at all.

Display Quality

Now the RealMe 11 Pro Plus has the best panel as it has a 120Hz AMOLED curved panel with 950nits peak brightness.

RealMe has also added an in-display fingerprint sensor which again works fine.

The phone does have HDR10+ support and it does show on YouTube but it's not showing on any other OTT platform whether it's Netflix or even Prime Video.

Another problem is, when watching HDR videos on YouTube, the color correction is not perfect.

For example, if you’re watching HDR video vertically and if you tilt horizontally then the color itself changes.

Overall, the RealMe 11 Pro Plus has a beautiful-looking display that too works well in Real Life usage, the only problem is the software.


Mediatek Dimensity 7050 (6 nm) is a re-branded version of Mediatek Dimensity 1080 (6 nm) which wasn’t known for gaming at all.

The phone runs on RealMe UI 4.0 which has lots of ads. Now, the thing is, you can disable ads but not 100%, you will see a few ads here and there.

So make sure you disable things like Hot Games, Hot App, and even Security apps by Realme.

One more thing, RealMe has promised 2 years of OS updates and 3 years of security updates.

The moral of the story is, don’t buy RealMe 11 Pro Plus 5G for gaming while the UI is improved but it has lots of ads.


We have stereo speakers in RealMe 11 Pro Plus 5G but sadly there is no 3.5mm audio jack present.

The dual speaker is good, about 35% volume comes from the top speaker, and the remaining comes from the bottom speaker.

Battery Life

There is Nothing to worry about the battery at all as it has a 5,000mAh battery with a whopping 100W fast charging support

expect about a day of battery life but if you’re a heavy user then expect to charge the device by 4 to 5 PM.

The good news is, it has 100W charging support, so nothing to worry about regarding the battery.


RealMe 11 Pro Plus is a pricey smartphone that doesn’t offer something that can justify the Rs 27,999 price tag, 

yes it does have 100W charging and a curved panel but apart from this, this is an average phone with ads in the UI.