OnePlus Nord 3 5G Review -  Higher price with Lower Value 

8GB Ram: 128GB Storage: Rs 33,999 (€449) 16GB Ram + 256GB Storage: Rs 37,999 (€499)

Reasons to Buy

OnePlus was known for OxygenOS which remains the same in OnePlus Nord 3 but it has been mixed with ColorOS.

Still, its ad-free. So your experience will be solid compared to ColorOS, MIUI or even Fun Touch OS.


– 120Hz Smooth AMOLED Display – Superbright 1450 nits brightness – 80W superfast wired charging support

– Decent Cameras – The Best for Gaming – Loud Speakers – IR Blaster Supported – OxygenOS without ads – 9 5G Bands

The Pros looks amazing right, so now, let's some of its Cons as well.

Reasons to Skip

One of the biggest disadvantages of the OnePlus NOrd 3 is its cameras, I mean this is 34k, and yet the cameras are not that great.

When it comes to a human subject, it’s a hit-or-miss kind of situation.  Sometimes, the sensor takes the best images but sometimes, it doesn’t feel like Rs 33,999 smartphone from any angle.

This is an optimization issue and I feel, OnePlus will fix this but no one knows when they gonna fix it. The dynamic range issue is there, for example, if you’re taking a selfie of yourself and if there is light behind you then the sensor will have a hard time adjusting the colors and focus.

Overall, The OnePlus Nord 3 has the best primary sensor but it needs optimization while the OIS or even EIS doesn’t work at all in 4k.  The front camera produces a white tone which is good for social media but it’s far-far away from the neutral look. 

– Bit Pricey – Auto refresh rate needs optimizations – The primary sensor needs improvement – Plastic Frames


– OIS and EIS doesn’t work in 4k – OIS and EIS don’t work in 4k

The OnePlus Nord 3 is the perfect smartphone but the Rs 33,999 (€449) price tag is too much to ask because we do have lots of options under the Rs 35,000 price tag.


So if you really want OxygenOS then you can consider the OnePlus Nord 3 otherwise,

it doesn’t make sense to pay Rs 33,999 (€449) for the device.