boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 Review: But Why!

Price: Rs 8,999

Is it Worth Buying boAt Smart Ring Gen 1?

The boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 is not worth buying because this costs Rs 8999 and it doesn't even offer value whether its health accurately or even software, none works the best. 

This was supposed to be a health tracking device and it's not fulfilling its purpose, it feels more like fancy ring with premium price tag. 

Rather, go get the Galaxy Watch 4 which is available at Rs 9,999 and you will get more accurate and more features along with Play Store Support.

Smart rings have a long way to go and their main focus is health tracking, so its better you stay away from the boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 because they just import everything from China.

This is the right time for boAt to work on R&D and produce genuine products for Indian users while in the case of boAt Smart Ring Gen 1, you can skip this and look for a better smart ring because this is not worth buying.

The design is generic, boAt didn’t even spend a single rupee on R&D, they have imported whatever they got from China.

It also comes with a 5ATM water resistance rating up to a depth of 50 meters which means, you can use this ring during bath or even during rainy days.

The end story is, the build is solid while the design is nothing new but it gets the job done while the weight could have been a bit less.

So the biggest question is, does boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 provide accurate health data?  The answer is No.

Now, I don’t know whether boAt has used cheap sensors or the software is not polished but all the time, the ring adds extra steps. For example, if I have walked around 10,000 steps then the ring will show 11,000 to 13000 and sometimes even 14000.

This feels like a software problem because we have seen boAt smartwatches, they’re also not perfect but they don’t add a thousand extra steps.

The good news is, somehow, the sleep tracking was close to accurate. It's not perfect but it's not bad either. So yes, you can rely on sleep data to some extent.

boAt has added everything and it's a good thing but the problem is, they haven’t worked properly on anything.

You have to download the boAt Ring App on your smartphone to get the most out of boAt Smart Ring Gen 1. The App is kind of okay, it does feel outdated but it gets the job done.

The software is not perfect either, there is a lot of room for improvement. The App UI is too old, it feels like, boAt just launched the ring without working on the App, and it looks incomplete.

boAt is like our boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 will last for 7 days with full charge but the reality is, it will only last for 3 to 4 days depending on what kind of feature you use and for how long.

Kindly stay away from the boAt Smart Ring Gen 1 and rather get smartwatch whether you go below 5k or above 10k.