Write for MobileDrop

Like me, if you love to write then this is the platform for you. You can send your work on This Mail.

There is no qualification for this, whether your website is new or you just love to write, no worries. Just send what’s in your mind, if we like what you have written then we will publish on MobileDrop.


  • We won’t pay you if you write to us but we will mention you on Our website.
  • Whatever you write, it must be your content, you can’t copy someone’s work.
  • Before you send anything, make sure you have written genuine content with proper data.
  • Important: Don’t make any spelling or grammar mistakes.
  • Whatever you write, it must be between 400 to 1000 words.

**If we found out that you have sent us copied content then your article won’t be published on MobileDrop.


Q: How can I submit an article?
A: You can send your work on This Mail.

Q: Do I get paid for submitting an article?
A: We do not pay for contributory posts but we do mention your name on MobileDrop.

Q: Do I get credit for my articles?
A: Absolutely.