Why Redmi K20 is Better then POCO F1

Redmi K20 launched

On 28th May 2019 Redmi launched their two new smartphones in China and both the devices are pretty great at their price point. So here is the big question, Redmi K20 is better then POCO F1 or Note? today I am going to answer this question, so you can decide which smartphone you should buy under Rs 20,000.


The Redmi K20 is powered by Snapdragon 730 which is newly launched chipset from Qualcomm and that built on 8 nm technology, on the other hand, POCO F1 is powered by Snapdragon 845 which is One-year-old chipset and that built on 10 nm technology.

So here is the big key factor, Snapdragon 710 has a better CPU as compared to Snapdragon 845 that means in day to day task Redmi K20 might perform better then POCO F1 but of course, it’s all depends on Compnay how they optimize their OS.

Talking about gaming, Redmi K20 has 618 GPU inside and POCO F1 comes with 630 GPU which means when it’s come to gaming POCO F1 will perform really well as compare to Redmi K20.

Conclusion:  If Redmi launches Redmi K20 in India then don’t think too much and go with this device because POCO F1 was launched last year and it’s kind old device now and if you are getting a new design, quite same performance than I think Redmi K20 is a much better choice.


The POCO F1 comes with dual rear camera setup featuring 12 Megapixel primary sensor and 5-megapixels secondary camera sensor. On the front side, it has a 20-megapixel selfie shooter. On the other side, the Redmi K20 has triple rear camera setup featuring a 48-megapixel primary sensor with F/1.8 aperture, a 13-megapixel ultra-wide lens with F/2.4 aperture, and an 8-megapixel telephoto lens with F/2.4 aperture. One the front side, it has Motorized pop-up 20-megapixel selfie shooter with F/2.2 aperture.

Conclusion: The Redmi K20 will perform better as compare to POCO F1 because K20 has the triple camera setup and it has a new sensor that will help a lot when it’s come to photography. In-short Redmi K20 will be the best choice if your budget is under Rs 20,000.


The POCO F1 is packed with 4,000 mAh non-removable battery with 18W quick charge 3.0 support and Redmi K20 also has the same battery percentage but it supports 27W Quick charge 4.0. Overall Redmi K20 will have the advantage because you can charge the device very fast but now we need to see if Redmi supplies the Quick Charge 4.0 charger in the box or Note? because recently launched Redmi Note 7 Pro also supports the Quick Charge 4.0 but Company didn’t supply the quick charger in the box.

Design & Built

As we all know POCO F1 has a plastic unibody but on the other hand, Redmi K20 comes with a glass unibody which means design wise Redmi K20 has edge and keep in mind K20 does not have any display notch because it comes with Motorized pop-up 20-megapixel selfie camera and it will give a better look as compared to display notch that presents on POCO F1.

The built quality is also going bo better in Redmi K20 because it has a glass back that is protected by Gorilla glass 5 which means Design and Built quality is better in Redmi K20.


The Redmi K20 hasn’t launched in India yet but as per rumors, the device might be priced under Rs 20,000 which menas, if you are planning to purchase a new device and your budget is about Rs 20,000 no doubt Redmi K20 is a better choice then POCO F1.


If your budget is about Rs 20,000 then wait a little bit because POCO F1 is kind of old device now. So yes if you can wait a little bit then Redmi K20 will be a good choice. As per rumors, Redmi K20 might launch end of June 2019 or start of July 2019.

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