Nokia is set to launch Nokia 10, Feature Phones, Nokia Smartwatch & More

Nokia upcoming phones

Big brands like Nokia, Samsung, Facebook, and many others wanted to launch their upcoming product at MWC 2020 but due to coronavirus, MWC 2020 itself canceled.

Like other brands, Nokia had big plans for 2020 and as per rumor HMD Global wanted to announce Nokia 10, Nokia’s upcoming feature phone, Nokia Smart Watch, Smart band, and many other products at MWC 2020. So the question is “When HMD Global will announce Nokia branded Products?”

Nokia 10

Nokia 10 will be flagship smartphone and this time I think they will launch with the latest processor because the last Flagship from Nokia was Nokia 9 PureView and that had one-year-old chipset and because of that, it didn’t work out well for HMD Global.

This time HMD Global won’t make the same mistake, the Nokia 10 will come with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 Soc and I think they will launch 5G version & 4G version and of course, the phone will run on Android 10 out of the box.

Now, there is no other information available regarding this device but HMD Global will announce the next event very soon and when they do, it will be updated here.

Nokia Smart Watch, Smart Band, and Nokia Feature Phones

We all are hearing about Nokia smartwatch for some time but yet HMD Global didn’t say anything regarding Smart Watch but with Nokia 10 event, They will announce tons of accessories and that will include Nokia’s smartwatch, Smart band, and other accessories as well.

Is MWC 2020 canceled?

Yes, MWC 2020 is canceled due to most of the brand back out from the event and the main reason for that is Conronaviras. By the way, MWC is only postponed for 2020 it will be hosted next year, so it’s not finished yet…

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