Jio Fiber Broadband launch today: Plans, Setup Box, 4K LED and More

Jio Fiber Broadband India

Reliance Jio is celebrating the 3rd anniversary today, by the way, on this day Reliance Jio has started Reliance Jio’s telecom services in India for free and it’s been a 3 years and now Jio is back with yet another service that gives you internet at cheaper price, so let’s take look at the Jio Fiber broadband plans and what they have to offer.

Jio Fiber Broadband Plans

Chairmen of Reliance Jio Mukesh Ambani has already announced Jio Fibber Broadband service in India on 15th August 2019. The starting price for a new broadband connection is about Rs 700 and it gives you 100 Mbps speed and unlimited internet. Now if you don’t like that 100 Mbps speed then you can also opt for higher plans, the plans will go from Rs 700 to Rs 10,000.

At the day of this day (5th September 2019), Reliance Jio will update all the plan on their website, once they do we will update all those plans right here (Jio Fiber is launched in India, click here to know more)

Jio Fiber Broadband Offers

Now of course if Reliance Jio is launching something new then there is always offers right. As per the report if you opt for Jio Fiber then you will get all services free for 2 months. Reliance Jio also offering you free 4K LED, Setup Box, free lang line connection, now keep in mind if you opt for Rs 700 plan then won’t get all those freebies, that said you need to get higher plans and then you will get free 4K TV and other product.

Yet Reliance Jio hasn’t announced the plan, and to get all these freebies items which plan you need to opt for, so stay tuned for that.

By the way, you don’t need to pay anything for installation, it’s free of cost. But yes you need to pay around Rs 2,500 for router or ONT device and it’s refundable security deposit which means if in case you don’t won’t use Jio Fiber then you will get your Rs 2,500 back.

How to apply for Jio Fiber

It’s a very simple process, you just need to head into Jio website and fulfill your location, mobile number, your name and good to go.

Another thing, Jio Fiber will not be available all over India yet, so if you are living in Small Village or somewhere else then you might not get Jio Fiber connection yet, but yes whenever Reliance Jio plans to launch Jio Fiber service in an area then they will give you call.

Now I hope I answered all your question and if not, then let me know in the comment section below.

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