Is it worth upgrading to JioFiber Broadband

Jio Fiber Broadband India

On 5th September 2019, Reliance Jio has announced their plans for JioFiber Broadband, now the question is, should you upgrade to this new Jio broadband connection or you gonna stick to your current broadband connection. I also going to show you some hidden charges that Jio has mention on their official website but in very small letters, so let’s dive into…

Jio hasn’t included GST on their any plans which menas you will need to pay 18% GST on every plan. For example,

If you opt for a Bronze plan which is available for around Rs 699,  now you need to add 18% GST,

₹699 X 18% = ₹128.82

₹128.82 + ₹699 = ₹824.82

As you can see you need to pay around ₹824.82 for a Bronze plan, and this 18% GST will apply to every plan to buy form Jio.

Is it worth upgrading to JioFiber Broadband

Now the big question “Is it worth upgrading to JioFiber Broadband”, if you are living in a big city like MUMBAI, BANGLORE, AHMEDABAD, SURAT, or even in DELHI.

So you have lot’s of option to choose from and I think you will get a better deal then JioFiber Broadband, so just connect to you whoever is provides Broadband connection in your area and check you the plans they are offering.

What I am saying, if someone is providing you cheaper plan then Jio then why you want to opt for JioFiber, unless if you only want Jio broadband connection.

Now for those who are living in a small village and don’t have enough option to choose from, here you can go with JioFiber without any doubt.

I’m not saying JioFiber is too expensive but I feel, ₹824 for 100 GB and 1 Mbps FUP is really too much. Here is some question that most of the people have, I hope you get your answer.

What About Free 4K TV? 
Ans: Jio has given two option if you opt for Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Titanium plans. 1) LED TV, 2) double data,
Now you need to choose any one option, whether you will get LED TV or you will get double data which means whatever your exiting plan is, it’s become double, like 200 GB + 200 GB: 400 GB.

How I get Jio 4K Setup BOX?
Ans: First thing first, it’s not regular Setup box which menas you won’t get any channel, for example, Start Plus, Zee, Sony SAB or any other. Basically, it’s like Amazon Fire Stick, it will have almost every OTT apps.

OTT apps are Netflix, Hotstart, Amazon Prime, Zee5, etc.

For how much time we will get Extra GB packs?
Ans: Almost each and every plan has Extra GB add-ons, and as per Jio, you will get that extra GB for the next 6 months.

What is the installation charges?
Ans: One Time Payment (security deposit + non-refundable installation) ₹2,500 (1,500 + 1,000)

How to get JioFiber 
Ans: For now, JioFiber is not available in all over India but you can apply for Jio Fiber on their official website and once JiiFiber is available in your location, Jio will call you.

I hope you get you all the answer but if you have any other question then let us know in the comment section below.

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