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  1. Why all the mobile brands making only big screen size handset. It is so uncomfortable to use by one hand.
    Any suggestion for mid range smartphone having less than 6inch display size.

    1. Every single Android smartphone comes with above 6-inches display, so I don’t think you will find a small mobile on android platform.

      If you want a small device, check out iPhones.

  2. you said wrong in this price range also Samsung has given something which makes it worth buying because another Chinese brand only focusing on games and smoothness not something about display or touch or camera if you thing camer ais good in realme 6 that’s what make it wrong because the camera of Samsung a21s is bad not in m31 I have seen some images of m31 camera so

    1. I mean if you can get POCO X2 at the same price then there is no point to spend money
      on Galaxy M31 unless you want a non-Chinese smartphone.

      Also, if the phone has a good processor then it will last for long whereas
      Galaxy M31 or even M31s has Exynos 9611 which is not the that bad processor but after year,
      the phone won’t perform well.

      I know, Samsung produces a great display but you can’t just buy a smartphone because
      it has the best display, you have to see overall performance.
      In short, right now Galaxy M31 is not value for money device but if you want a non-Chinese phone then it’s great.

  3. I bought Samsung Galaxy M31 and even before its 1.5 months, the touchscreen went off totally so the phone was useless (google for it, this model has a technical problem with the touchscreen). Weird than this, the authorized service centre accuses me of using unauthorized software in my phone; which I have never done. They try to charge me for their fault.

  4. Now you can search Samsung M31 or Samsung M/A series #Motherboard failure on youtube or social media.
    The review will be entirely changed, As these M-Series phones are getting dead just after warranty expiration.
    If you want to buy a phone for just 1 year, then its Okay.