iPhone SE (2020) is Now Made in India? Apple Starts Manufacturing

Made in India iPhones

iPhone is expensive in India but the thing about to change because Apple has started assembling iPhones in India. As of now, Apple has started manufacturing¬†iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 11 in India. You can also see the results because iPhone 11 usually priced at Rs 68,000 but right now it’s priced at Rs 59,999 only.

Upcoming iPhone 12 series will be also launched at a lower cost as compared to iPhone 11 series. Now that doesn’t mean iPhone 12 will be launched at 50k in India, no it won’t. The process will take some time and maybe in the mid of 2021, we could be a huge price drop in iPhones.

Also, Wistron who assemble the iPhones in India has started iPhone 11 and iPhone SE (2020) Manufacturing in India. The iPhone 11 (2020) is made from Chennai, India. This mean, I can finally buy an iPhone without selling my ‘kidney’.

You all know what’s going on with China and the US, so this is a huge decision for Apple because most of the iPhone were Manufactured in China before. Maybe after some time, iPhones could be made in India and exported to other countries.

For now, it looks like we will get cheaper iPhones in India. Keep in mind, this will take some time because it’s Apple, they just won’t launch new iPhone from 50k. So just wait for six months and then you will see a huge price drop in Apple products.

As of now only iPhones are assemble in India but latter on many other Apple products will be made from India.

Now let me know, if upcoming iPhone 12 priced at about 60k, will you buy over OnePlus 8 Pro?

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