Huawei is set to replace Google App, testing its own Huawei search App

Huawei Search App

We all know what’s going on between US & Huawei and because of that most of the US tech companies have stopped the business with Huawei. Now that doesn’t mean Huawei will stop making a phone, recently Huawei launched the Huawei Mobile service which is a replacement to Google Mobile Services.

Now Huawei just takes one step ahead and they’re testing its own Huawei search app which will now replace Google App. Currently, the app is in testing mode, so you won’t get all the fancy features yet but still if you want to try it out then Huawei shared the apk on the community, so try it out.

I don’t have Huawei phone at this time, so I just tried on my OnePlus 7T, so if you want to check out the design and first look then I will attach some screenshots, do check them out.

Huawei Search AppNow we all, Google has implemented all the features in Google App, for example, you can use Google assistant, Google lens, etc. Talking about the Huawei Search app, as of now you only get “sports” “unit conversion,” “calculator” and of course weather.

As I have said, the app is in development once it’s officially launched, you will get all the feature.

The question is, what search engine Huawei is using? 

In my testing, I haven’t seen the search engine option in the app itself and the search query I was getting is slightly different from what I was getting from the Google search engine or even from the Microsoft Bing search engine.

And there is no official confirmation that Huawei is using its own search engine but the search result is kind of different, maybe its Huawei’s search engine. Now, Huawei can confirm this, so let’s wait for an official announcement.

If you are interested in Huawei Search App then you will see the download link down below, so click on that button, if you want to test it out.

Download “Huawei Search App”   

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