How to Make Money on YouTube without any investment

make money on YouTube

So there are many ways to Make Money Online but YouTube is the only platform that you can make money without any investment, So let’s explore this one today.

To earn money on YouTube, you need to create a one Gmail account and sign in on with that new Gmail Account, and I think most of the people know how to create a Gmail Account and YouTube Channel and if you don’t know how ? then check out some tutorial on YouTube or any other platform.

After you create a YouTube Channel, you need to make a Unique video and upload it on your YouTube Channel and when you get a view on any particular video that you created, Google will show some ads on your video and end of the month you will get some money from Google.

Yeah, it seems easy right, make a video, upload it and earn money. But it’s not like that because of YouTube has created some rules for every new YouTuber, so yes if you are planning to create a YouTube channel then click here to know about those new terms and condition.

Right now in 2020 YouTube is all about comedy because of every single person wants entertainment in life even if they are watching a Tech video or any news video. So what you need to do is when you are shooting a video for YouTube just add some jokes on that video or make it fun and for sure people gonna watch it.

If you are starting out new on Youtube then you can try Affiliate Marketing, 

You sign up for an affiliate program, for example, Amazon associates, and then you can get a custom link that you put in your YouTube description and then when visitors click on that link, you can make money.

It’s as simple as that.

Try from today, don’t wait for the next day. I know, when you start anything new, it will take some time to grow but today or tomorrow, you will succeed. By the way, you don’t get money if someone clicks on your affiliate links, you will earn money when someone buys something through your affiliate links.

So yes it’s kind of difficult but no impossible, so from our side give it a try and if you work hard and smart then end of the day you will get success. For more check out our YouTube channel “MobileDrop

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