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5 Reason to buy RealMe Buds Air

RealMe Buds Air features

Realme has launched tons of smartphones, earphones, wireless earphones, power banks but they haven’t launched the truly wireless earphones and this time on 18th December 2019 they have launched Realme Buds Air which is looking exactly like Apple AirPod but priced way cheaper than Apple AirPod. So let’s take a closer look at this newly launched product and I will give 5 reasons to buy this RealMe Buds Air because it has everything which you’re looking for in wireless earphones…

By the way, RealMe’s Buds Air priced at Rs 3,999 and will go for sale on 23rd December 2019 at noon via Flipkart and RealMe’s website. So if you’re interested then don’t lose your chance because they will sold out very quickly.


Tell me one thing, when you see RealMe Buds Air, what comes in your mind. I know you thought about Apple AirPod, me too. So if you’re using Android smartphone then there is no product which is good as Apple AirPod and after seeing this RealMe’s buds Air, now I can say Android also has too.

I know, it’s totally copy but who cares, we’re getting a good product at a budget price range. So if you ever wanted to buy apple Airpod then RealMe’s Buds Air is the product which you are looking for.

Sound Quality 

Now if you’re comparing this Earphone with Apple AirPod then don’t because Apple AirPod priced at 15 and Realme Buds Air priced at 4k, so there is no competition here. For the knowledge, both the product sound quite similar but yes Apple AirPod sounds a little bit good as compare to Realme’s Buds Air.

Base quality is not that good in RealMe Buds Air, so if you’re heavy base user then this one is not for you but overall, it has good base but not very high.


RealMe Buds Air doesn’t have any keys that means it uses gestures navigation to change to pause music. To pause the song, you need to double-tap on buds. To change the song, you need to triple tap on buds. To active gaming mode, you need to press for 3 seconds on buds.buds.

Apart from those control, Realme has throne tons of other controls that you gonna love it. So I think, those gestures will make your life easier.

RealMe Buds Air Replacement

When you have truly wireless earphones, the only thing bathers you are, what I’m gonna do, if one pair of buds get lost, you need to buy new buds, there is no other solution.

Here Realme is offering you something new, for example if your one bud-gets lost then you can buy only one bud from the Realme website and you good to go, you don’t need to throw that one bud and buy new RealMe buds Air. So you can buy separate, case, bud or anything else from Realme’s website.


When you buy a new product, the only thing matters is the price tag. Realme has launched Realme Buds Air at a good price and they are offer value for money products, so there is nothing to worry about price tag.

Considering the price, you’re getting something new and valuable. By the way, as I have told you, RealMe’s Buds Air priced at Rs 3,999 and will go for sale on 23rd December 2019 at noon via Flipkart and RealMe’s website.

These are the 5 reasons to buy all-new RealMe Buds Air. Now if you got any questions then do let me know in the comment box below.

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