100 Megapixel Smartphone ! you may see 100 MP phone in 2019

100 MP sensor on Phones

We have seen 48-megapixel smartphone at the beginning of 2019 and now we might see 100 Megapixel smartphone in coming time, you can imagine the picture quality you will get on 100 MP camera and it’s going to be real because recently launched 700 Series Qualcomm chip does support camera up-to 192 Megapixel, So get ready for the future.

And yes it’s gonna be great but is that what you want in your device? because Google Pixel has only 12.2 MP single rear camera setup and it’s a top device in the market right now, so let’s discuss 100 MP Smartphone?

As I told you in many blog post, camera MP doesn’t count if smartphone manufacturing company optimize their device like Google Pixel, it’s always about optimization because if the company does not work on software and just added 48 MP or even 100 MP than it’s not going to perform well.

In short, all the mobile manufacturing  must focus on optimization part and if they do it properly then 12.2 MP can perform way better than 100 MP

But of course, we can’t deny that 100 or even 48 MP is very powerful lenses and if all the company uses those lenses in the right way than we can get a top-class result. But for now, most of the company is promoting 48 MP camera device but when you click a photo you get a result like 5 MP, So it doesn’t matter if your smartphone has 100 MP camera or 12 MP end of the day it all depends on optimization.

So, for now, let’s wait for 100 MP mobile camera setup, but right now what you can do is let us know your thought in the comment section below.

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