Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Series X prices goes UP

Let's get straight to the point,

The Xbox Series X price won't change in US, Japan, Chile, Brazil, or Colombia.

However, for the rest of the word, the price will change on August 2023 

New Xbox Series X price in UK will £479.99 and €549.99 across Europe. Canadians can expect the price to go up to $649.99 CAD, while it will be $799.99 AUD in Australia.

Talking about the Game pass

The correct price of GamePass for Console price is $9.99 and GamePass Ultimate costs $14.99. 

The new prices are, 

Game Pass: $10,99 (€10.99/£8.99) Game Pass Unlimited: $16,99 (€14.99/£12.99)

Surprisingly, GamePass for PC price won't change at all, it will remain the same

For new subscribers, the price increase from July 6.  However, if you’re a recurring monthly subscriber, you’ll have a little more time as the change won’t happen until August 13.

So if you don't want to pay more money for GamePass then this will be good time to buy yearly subscription or get ready to pay premiuim.