What's New in iOS 17 Beta 2 : New Feature and Add-ons

We got the 2nd Beta for the iOS 17, so let's see the new features.

App Tips

You will see this more with iOS 17, the apps you're using might use this tips feature to give you some idea about new features.


From now, you will get more information when you update your iPhone which is always good to see.


We show a new option called "micro-location" and we don't know what it does, let's what for Apple.

Messages Check In

New words from Apple, Options are now called "Full" and "Limited," rather than "Current location only" and "All locations visited.

Limited means, current location and details about battery and network signal while Full means all limited data plus route traveled and location of last iPhone unlock and Apple Watch removal.


You can now, toggle the StandBy mode. This means Notifications classified as "Critical" will be shown even when the feature is off.

Apple Music Widgets

Not a feature but we got the new sizes for the Apple Music, so use those widgets.

There you go, these are the new changes or feature in the 2nd beta of the iOS 17.