Written by Rahul Makwana 

Reasons to Not Buy Vivo X70 Pro

The Vivo X70 Pro is priced at Rs 46,999 for 8GB Ram + 128GB. So let's see, whether you should spend 47 or Not?


No, doubt, the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 SoC is good processor but its not 47k chipset, its 25k chip and Vivo has added the same chip in 47k smartphone.

Also, its not like Vivo X70 Pro will perform slow or something, its just that, it doesn't make any sense to pay 47k, if you can get the same chip at 25k too.

Fun Touch OS

Yes, everyone knows, the Fun Touch OS has ads in the UI and also comes with tons of pre-installed apps. So if you're okay with ads and bloatware then this won't an issue for you.


The Vivo X70 Pro does have 5G but it only has 4 5G bands which is not good thing, if you're buying this device for three or more years.

Also, the phone doesn't have 3.5mm Audio jack or SD card slot.


As I have said, Vivo X70 Pro is priced at Rs 47k and its not bad price for those users who want the best cameras but,

If you want value for money device then this is not the best smartphone, you can take look at Galaxy S20 FE 5G or other smartphone.

Again, the camera is key part of Vivo X70 Pro but still, they are not as good price 47k price tag. Vivo needs to optimize the camera as soon as possible.

If you ask me, Vivo X70 Pro is not worth buying but still, if you want best camera and if you can pay extra 22k then go for it or you can get same chip and good camera at 25k too.