Written by Rahul Makwana 

Reasons to Not Buy JioPhone Next

JioPhone Next is priced at Rs 6,499 for 2GB of Ram and 32GB storage in India and its available to buy on Jio.com & Jio Stores ONLY.


The JioPhone Next is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon QM215 chipset which is worst chipset to buy at Rs 6,499.

There are tons of option available at 7k price range with better chipset. So it doesn't make any sense to buy JioPhone Next, just because its from Reliance.

Pragati OS

The Pragati OS is made in partnership with Google and yet, it feels leggy. It's as leggy as it can get, there are lots of frame drops while switching between apps.


It has 13MP Rear + 8MP front camera. All in all, it has decent camera. Still, sometime, camera app freeze-out while taking images.

It would be good, if Jio optimizes the camera app and if they do that then it would be better for JioPhone Next Users.


Also, if you choose to buy JioPhone Next with EMI then you have to pay EMI every month and if you miss EMI then JioPhone Next will be locked.

In short, you won't able to use the device if you miss EMI.

Also, you won't able to use the internet from any other network provider. You have to use a Jio SIM card to access the internet.   

If you ask me, its better not to buy JioPhone next, if you can get this phone at Rs 3500 then go for it but at Rs 6499, its not worth buying.

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