End of RealMe X Series Smartphones

by Rahul Makwana

RealMe X7 Max is last phone from RealMe X Series, no more X Series smartphone from RealMe but Why?

Let’s get started!

Madhav Sheth - Statement 

The X will be replaced by the GT; so the GT is the new X . We had some of the best phones Under X series, X7, X7 Max, X2 and many more

No one knows but I think, launching new series smartphone will be good for marketing as people will get curious about it.

Why did X-Series discontinued

Recently we have seen POCO GT Series and Redmi also planning to launch new series.

The first phone under RealMe GT series will launch on 18 August 2021 in India along with RealMe Notebook Laptop.

That was it, so if you don't see, RealMe X8 then don't search on Google because, GT is new X.