RealMe 10 Pro 5G Review: CTRL + Z

Written by Rahul Makwana


RealMe 10 Pro 5G Price in India – 6GB Ram + 128GB storage: Rs 18,999 – 8GB Ram + 128GB storage: Rs 19,999

It comes with 108MP primary and 2MP depth while there is an 8MP selfie shooter on the front

No, Ultra-wide lens. So, let's talk about the 108MP sensor...

No, Ultra-wide lens. So, let's talk about the 108MP sensor...


The 108MP primary sensor is average, it does take good images under good lights but when there is low light or taking images at night then the sensor suffers a lot while the night images are not even useable.

So yes, 108MP looks amazing on paper but it doesn’t even look good in real-life usage.

Also, just like every single RealMe Smartphone, the primary sensor does add saturated colors, ex; the red color will look redder and the same for the rest.

The sensor softens the images too, so if you capture an image of your friend then he/she won’t look natural, there will be a white tint.

Now, let’s ignore the 2MP depth sensor because it’s added so, the phone looks better from the rear.

The Videos,


Both the front and rear cameras can shoot videos at 1080p@30fps. Why only 1080p because the Snapdragon 695 only supports up to 1080p, that’s the limitation of the processor.

The video quality is not good at all, the videos come out unstable while the dynamic rang is not perfect either.

In short, RealMe needs to work on videos side of things to justify the Rs 18999 price tag and even that massive 108MP sensor.

The front camera,


One thing is for sure, you will look white when you take a selfie from the front camera, there is no need to add any filter.

Overall, RealMe should have added the Ultra-Wide lens because of this 19k smartphone. The rest of the sensors are good but RealMe didn’t optimize them well, I hope they improve the cameras otherwise, users who will buy this phone will feel cheated.

The phone comes with a 6.72-inches 120Hz AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2412 and 680 nits brightness.

Again, RealMe didn’t mention what kind of glass they used for display protection while the back and frame are made from plastic

The screen brightness is kind of okay, it could have been better but still, the 680 nits will ensure that you will see every single text under the sunlight.

Also, as the phone has an LCD panel, RealMe has added the side-mounted fingerprint sensor which works fine without any problem

Overall, an LCD display on a 19k smartphone doesn’t make any sense, nonetheless, this is what it is. The RealMe 10 Pro 5G doesn’t have the best display, it’s a good panel to watch movies or even play games but not the best for the price it comes.

Snapdragon 695 is a well-tested processor, so there is nothing much to talk about. It’s a decent processor for normal usage, it’s not a gaming processor.

The device comes with 7 5G Bands, so yes, you will be able to take advantage of the 5G network whenever it launches in your city.

Overall, Snapdragon 695 is a good processor for day-to-day usage but it’s not the best option for gaming. You can play a little bit of gaming but the phone will get hot after 30 minutes of gameplay.

The device runs on RealMe UI 4.0 based on Android 13

The stereo speakers are solid, so yes, you won’t be disappointed at all. Also, it does have 3.5mm Audio Jack.

RealMe has added hall lot of pre-installed apps in the RealMe 10 Pro along with the app, the phone also has ads in the UI from stock apps to the system search.

Now, you can disable the ads (not 100%) but the ads will show up by default to everyone. The problem is, every user won’t know how to disable ads, so they will use it like that.

The Snapdragon 695 is battery efficient processor, so expect the battery to last for more than a day but if you’re a heavy user then get ready to charge the device twice a day.

The phone has 4,870mAh battery and it supports 33W fast charging. It will take about 74 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%.

RealMe 10 Pro 5G is not worth an upgrade, it’s a downgrade from RealMe 9 Pro 5G. So it’s better to save some money and skip the RealMe 10 Pro 5G because it doesn’t make any sense to premium for the same device.


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