OnePlus 11 5G Review - Hard To Recommend 

Written by Rahul Makwana


OnePlus 11 5G Price8GB Ram + 128GB storage: Rs 56,999 ($599 – USA) – 16GB Ram + 256GB storage: Rs 61,999 ($799 – USA


The phone has 50MP primary sensor (OIS), 32MP telephoto lens, and 48MP ultra-wide while there is also a 16MP selfie shooter on the front.

That 50MP primary sensor with Hasselblad branding does take good images, and the color calibration is on point but it’s not as good as Pixel 7 5G at all.

Also, when I was taking night images with night mode, the sensor somehow adds a bit of extra noise which is kind of odd because it doesn’t happen in normal mode too often.

Talking about the 32MP Telephoto,


The 32MP telephoto lens feels more line add-on, it just has 2x optical zoom, I mean 5x wound has been better but hey, OnePlus is known for cutting corners.

Talking about the 48MP Ultra-Wide,


That 48MP ultra-wide lens is great if you throw a good amount of natural light but sometimes, the images come with soft corners which are good at all.

The 16MP selfie shooter looks more like OPPO’s optimization rather than OnePlus’s. By the way, this is a social media-ready sensor, so take the image and post the same on social media, there is no need to edit anything as you will look a bit white and saturated which Indian users do like.

So the biggest question is, does the OnePlus 11 5G has better cameras than the Pixel 7 5G or iPhone 13 5G? the answer is no. Now, do whatever you want with that answer and pick the devices that fit well with the work you do.


The phone comes with a 6.70-inches 120Hz LTPO3 AMOLED display with a resolution of 1440 x 3216 and 1300 nits brightness.

As this is an LTPO panel, the refresh rate can go from 1Hz to 120Hz which will help a lot in battery life. Now, keep in mind, to use this feature, you will have to keep the refresh rate in Auto mode.

All in all, there are no major complaints about the display.


Whether you’re a gamer or a normal user, you don’t have to worry about performance at all. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is powerful enough to handle almost everything without any problems.

In short, the software is fast and snappy as it was before, I just hope that OnePlus don’t add every single ColorOS feature.

OnePlus has also added 13 5G Bands including N1, N3, N5, N7, N8, N20, N28A, N38, N40, N41, N66, N77, and N78. So if the 5G is available in your city then you will be able to take advantage of it.


Talking about basics, the phone has stereo speakers, no 3.5mm audio jack, and two microphones that work well.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 is a well-balanced processor which does reflect in real-life usage whether it’s in gaming or even in battery life.

So if you normal user who doesn’t play games for hours then expect the battery to last for 2 days. Now, if you’re kind of a heavy user then you will have to charge the drive twice a day.

If you’re a fan of OnePlus and wanted a gaming smartphone with decent cameras then do consider the OnePlus 11 5G otherwise,


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we have Pixel 7 5G which makes more sense compared to OnePlus 11 5G. In short, it’s big hard to recommend the OnePlus 11 5G over Pixel 7 5G, it’s tough time to choose a smartphone, isn’t it?

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