Nokia 2660 Flip 4G Review - Big Mess

Nokia 2660 Flip 4G Price: Rs 4,499

Reasons to Buy

Nokia 2660 Flip is no doubt a good phone but it doesn't worth the Rs 4999 price tag. It doesn't even support WhatsApp due to S30+ OS.

Instant of using KoiOS, Nokia went with S30+ OS which they created years ago but the thing is, it doesn't support lots of apps including WhatsApp.

It has bluetooth 4.2 which is fair and it can also connect to any of Bluetooth earbuds but the sad news is, the wireless buds doesn't work at all.

So you can connect the buds but the buds won't work. Again, due to the S30+ OS.

The cameras are not selling part, they're decent. 

So yes, the Nokia 2660 Flip 4G doesn't worth the Rs 4999 price tag, it would have been killer phone at Rs 1,999.

Kindly, save Rs 4,999 and consider other 4G featured that runs on koiOS because it has WhatsApp support and even you can use Wireless earbuds without any problems. 

Reasons to Buy

The only reason to buy Nokia 2660 Flip 4G is the design and the nostalgia, so if you have money and you just wanted re-live the old memory then go for it.

Other then that, this is just overpriced featured phone from Nokia.