Windows 11

New Added Apps On Microsoft Windows 11 Store

by Rahul Makwana

Microsoft Store was a mess before Windows 11 announcement but after the launch of Windows 11, the store has become better than ever.

Let’s get started!

List Of New Apps

The list includes Canvas, WordPress, OBS, WinZip, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Zoom, and Microsoft Edge browser extensions 

Also, Google Chrome, Firefox, Discord, and more are on their way and it will be added to the Microsoft store very soon.  

Also, for those who are wondering, Android apps are also coming to Microsoft Store through Amazon App Store and it may launch this summer with a stable Windows 11 update.

More on that, Adobe will also list the Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effect, and all the other Adobe is apps but when they gonna release, it's no clear yet