Jio Tag Review - Apple AirTag?

Indian Price: Rs 750

How it works?

Jio is using Bluetooth to track the Jiotag. The Tag will be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth just like TWS earbuds.

It has Upto 20 meters indoors Upto and 50 meters outdoors (Direct line of sight) Range

It can also show the last location but it doesn't show the live location like Apple AirTag.

This means, if you have attached JioTag to your bag and if you left the bag somewhere then you won't able to see the live location of your bag

It will only show you last seen location.

This is the last seen location where the JioTag was connected to your phone.

The answer is NO because it doesn't show the live location. So it doesn't have useful feature that will come in handy.

Should You Buy

Now, JioTag does have a Speaker but its not that loud, so if you somehow put the tag below the pillow then you won't even hear the sound coming out of Jiotag.

What I'm saying is, don't buy the product because it's made by Jio. Still, if you have extra Rs 750 and want to try out the product then go for it.

If you ask me, I don't recommend the Jiotag because its just Bluetooth Button which costs Rs 750.