Google Pixel Watch Review - Forget it

Written by Rahul Makwana


Google Pixel Watch is priced at $349.99 for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi version while the 4GB LTE version is available at $399.99.


The Pixel Watch comes with 1.20-inches AMOLED round display with a resolution of 450×450Pixels with a pick brightness of 1000 nits.

Now, you already know that it has big bezels, I mean, you can’t ignore it but as Google has used a black UI, you won’t notice it in day-to-day usage unless and until you choose to use a brighter wallpaper or theme.

Personally, I hate those bezels, I have paid $349,99 and yet, I have to compromise in design.

That 1000 nits brightness is good enough to use the watch under sunlight, you will able to read text, take calls, or use the watch UI. In short, everything will be visible enough under the sunlight.

Concluding everything, the display is solid, and it’s bright too but those big bezels can be irritating for a couple of days.

Design, Comfort, and Build

On the front, it has Corning Gorilla Glass 5, the back has glossy plastic, and the frame is made from Stainless Steel while it has 36 grams of weight.

The watch only comes in 40mm which is not cool because not everyone has small hands. Now because of its small size, it also has a small battery which we all talk about in a bit.

Also, the Watch is comfortable to wear, now, because of its small size, it only has 36 grams of weight, so you won’t face any kind of problems while wearing it all day and all night.

Talking about myself, I love the round design but that round corner gets stretched very easily, so be very careful with it.

Health and Fitness Tracking


Fitbit is knowns for health tracking, and it provides the most accurate data and is the same case with Pixel Watch. The watch does run on WearOS but under the hood, it uses the Fitbit tech, so you don’t have to worry about the accuracy.

Now the problem is, the Pixel watch measures the heart rate every single second which is good but it’s not good when eats all the battery life.

I hope, Google fixes this problem with an update otherwise, you will have to charge this watch twice a day.

I know, it’s the first watch from Google but still, they’re a tech company and they also accurate Fitbit, so this kind of problem shouldn’t exist in the first place.

The Pixel watch has also sensors from Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate, altimeter, compass, and ECG. All the sensor works great and provides close to accurate data, especially the heart rate sensor.

Overall, it’s a Fitbit smartwatch, so there is nothing to worry about the health data. Google is keeping the Fitbit brand because there are lots of users who’re using Fitbit watches and they don’t want to lose those users but slowly they will kill the brand as Apple did with Beats.


The Pixel watch runs on WearOS 3.5 while Google is also using some Fitbit features on top.

When you first set up the Pixel watch, it will tell you to download the Fitbit app and not the Google Fit app. If you want, you can also use the Google Fit app and Fitbit app at the same time to see the heart rate data and even sleep data.

Or you can use only the Fitbit app and that’s what Google Recommends.

One more thing, Google has talked a lot about how they’re integrating all of their product together but when it comes to real-life usage, it doesn’t work that way.

For example, when you turn ON the DND mode in Pixel smartphone then it doesn’t repeat the same on the Pixel watch. So you will have to manually turn ON the DND on the Pixel watch.

In short, it’s not seamless integration with Pixel devices.

Battery Life

The Google Pixel Watch comes with a 294mAh battery which supported Qi wireless charging.

The good thing is, it has fast charging support. It will take 15 minutes to charge from 10% to 40% while 0% to 100% will only take 1 hour.

If you use all the features from SpO2, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking then expect the battery life to be around 18 hours.

In short, you will have to charge the smartwatch in the morning and again in the afternoon, if you want to wear the watch all night.


Google Pixel Watch would have been a solid option at $199 but at $349, this seems overpriced because have tons of battery options above the $300 price range. So, you can skip the Pixel watch and wait for Pixel Watch 2 or consider the Apple Watch 8 or Galaxy Watch 5.

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*Images by Northern Viking Everyday & DesFit