Google Pixel Tablet Review - Only Dock

Price:  8GB Ram + 128GB Storage - £599 ($499/A$899)

Google Pixel tablet Pros

1. Google Dock Support. 2. Dock is supplied in the Box 3. Solid Audio Quality

Google Pixel tablet Cons

1. Not the best for power Hungry User 2. The software is perfect but the Apps are not well optimized 3. Screen Brightness is low for outdoor usage

1. Battery size is Small 2. Google Assistant needs a little bit of refreshment 3. No Stylus pen or Keyboard 4. Cameras are only good for video call

Reasons to Buy Pixel Tablet

Hate to say it but yes, Google Dock is one of the reasons why you should consider the Pixel tablet and Google is making a fair point with it.

Because after using the tablet, you will either put the tablet inside a drawer or on a table but what if the tablet can be used for a smart display?

So yes, if you want Dock support consider the Pixel tablet otherwise, look for a better option like the OnePlus Pad or even Redmi Pad 6.

The tab comes with four speakers and you can also use dock speakers too, so yes, you will get the best sound quality but the problem is,

Nonetheless, you’re getting the dock for free, so can’t complain much. Also, you can buy another dock for $129 from Google, if you want to put the dock in another room.

The 10.95-inch LCD is solid but it only has 500 units of peak brightness which is not ideal for outdoor usage.

Reasons to Skip Pixel tablet

So if you’re writing something on a tablet then it will be a bit hard to read.

The tab also has 8MP rear and 8MP front cameras and yes, they’re not good at all but it's not bad for video calling at all.

This is a tablet and yet, Google added only a 7,020mAh battery that can be charged at 27W while with the dock, it can be charged at 15W.

By the way, when the tablet is attached to the dock, the battery will only charge up to 90%, and after that, it will cut off, so it won’t harm the battery in the long run.

The Google Tensor G2 is not a powerful processor at all, we all are calling this a Google-owned process but the reality is, it's not. This is the Exynos processor rebranded to Tenser.

Most of the popular social media apps are not optimized for Android tablets, hence, it looks like stretched mobile apps on Pixel tablets.

I’m hoping that Google will continue the Pixel Tablet and this will change.

Also, Google Assistant was the best assistant but it's not the same because Google has moved lots of their employees to Google Bard and now, Google Assistant is suffering.

For now, Google Assistant has lots of problems, I mean, just search on Google “Google Assistant getting worse” and you will see why I’m talking like this.

The Google Dock is a game changer but it doesn’t work without the Google Pixel tablet, you need to attach the tablet in order to use the dock.

I would have loved the Bluetooth option where I can connect my smartphone with a dock and play songs. Sadly, this isn’t available.

Look, Pixel Tablet is not for everyone because it doesn't have everything for everyone, the processor is not that powerful, apps are not well optimized for the tablet,

the Google Assistant is not consistent, and the battery life is average which is a big letdown as this is a $499 Android tablet.