Dizo Watch R Talk Go Review - Bluetooth Calling Only

Written by Rahul Makwana


Dizo Watch R Talk Go is priced at Rs 3,999 while its available in Classic Black, Silver Grey, and Thunder Blue color options.


The Dizo Watch R Talk Go comes with a 1.39-inches TFT display with a resolution of 360 x 360 pixels and a pick brightness of 550 nits.

The screen brightness is good too, the 550 nits is more than enough for outdoor usage. Also, as this is Rs 3999, so you can’t get a better bright display than this.

The bezels are also small too, so it won’t be annoying to look at.

Dizo should have added the AMOLED panel as this is Rs 3999 smartwatch, nonetheless, the used TFT display is good, so there is nothing to worry about.

Design, Comfort, and Build

Dizo Watch R Talk Go has a plastic frame, ring, and even back. The entire watch is made from plastic except for the display and strap.

Because of the build, the watch doesn’t feel premium, it does look good from the outside but when you hold the watch or wear it, you will feel that you’re wearing a budget smartwatch.

The watch has 22mm strep, so if you don’t like the default strap then you can buy any other third-party 22mm strep from Amazon and it will fit perfectly on Dizo Watch R Talk Go.

Design is subjective, so I won’t comment more. The build is okay, it could have been better whereas the watch is comfortable to wear.

Fitness Tracking

The Dizo Watch R Talk Go comes with 3-Axis Accelerometer, Optical Heart Rate Sensor, SpO2 (Blood Oxygen Saturation Level), and Wearing Monitoring.

Dizo has also added all the necessary features like 150 watch faces, 110 built-in sports Modes, a Female cycle, a Drinking Reminder, an Activity Tracker, Heart Rate Monitor, SpO2, and Stress Monitoring too.

Sleep Tracking

I have said the same in the Dizo Watch R Talk Review that, the sleep tracking is not accurate at all.

For example, I was watching an 1899 TV show on Netflix at around 7 PM but somehow, Dizo Watch R Talk counted a few extra hours in sleep tracking.

So the issue is if you’re lying in your bed for hours then Dizo will count those hours into the nap sleep cycle.

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it does happen. So, I’m assuming that this is a software issue, and it can be fixed.

Heart Rate and SpO2

Here, I didn't face any issues, the watch provides close to accurate health data. Still, keep the error margin around 5%. So let’s say, the oximeter shows 99% SpO2 data then the Dizo Watch R Talk Go will show you around 97 to 99.

Still, the Dizo Watch R Talk Go provides better SpO2 and Heart Rate data than the recently launched Amazfit Pop 2.

Concluding everything from price to feature, the Dizo Watch R Talk Go doesn't provide the most accurate sleep tracking, but it does provide close to accurate Heart Rate and SpO2 Data.


You will have to download the DIZO Activ which is available both on the App store as well as Play store.

The app has all the features that a smartwatch app should have. You will be able to see, the battery percentage, steps, calories, sleep tracking, and heart rate graph.

Also, the Dizo Watch R Talk Go doesn’t have built-in GPS, Dizo has added a GPS page inside the application from where you will be able to use smartphone GPS on a smartwatch.

Overall, the app is well organized and as of now, I didn’t face any kind of problem with the connection or health tracking.


I have tested quite of few budget Bluetooth calling smartwatches and almost all the watch comes with an excellent speaker but the same can’t be said for the microphone.

Keep in mind that, you won’t be able to take WhatsApp video calls as the Amazfit Pop 2 doesn’t have a built-in camera but you will able to take Voice calls.

For example,

It has a good speaker which means, you will be able to hear someone’s voice but the other person on call won’t be able to hear your voice properly if you’re in the heavily crowded place

One more thing, Dizo Watch R Talk Go comes with a Single Bluetooth calling chip which will make Bluetooth calling experience even better. (Improvement is not huge but its noticeable)

Battery Life

The Dizo Watch R Talk Go has a 300mAh battery and it will take about 2 hours to charge from 0% to 100%

Now, as this is a Bluetooth Calling smartwatch, the battery won’t last for days.

For example, if you use all the features from Heart Rate, SpO2, Bluetooth Calling, and 24/7 Notifications then expect the battery life to be around 2 to 3 days.

Again, this is a rough number, it can warry user by user.

Again, this is a rough number, it can warry user by user.


To make things easy, if your budget is Rs 4000 and if you wanted good looking Bluetooth smartwatch that can also track heart rate and SpO2 accurately then do consider the Dizo Watch R Talk Go.

Whereas, if you want a better display and solid build then kindly stay away from this watch.

Still, Confused, do read my full review with Pros and cons