Dizo Watch D Talk: Better than you think

Written by Rahul Makwana


Dizo Watch D Talk is priced at Rs 3,999 while its available in Classic Black, Steel White, Copper Pink, Dark Blue, and Bronze Green color options


The Dizo Watch D Talk comes with 1.80-inches TFT Rectangle display with a resolution of 240 x 286 Pixels with a pick brightness of 550 nits.

The 550 nits brightness helps a lot when using the smartwatch outdoors, it won’t be hard to read text or navigate through the smartwatch UI. You can also use the display as a flashlight and it does come in handy in dark environments.

The watch does have a few bezels, but you won’t notice them in day-to-day life after one or two days of use.

Overall, the display quality is excellent, it’s visible under sunlight and it can also go low under low light.

I know, the AMOLED panel would have been a good option and for that, you have to consider the Dizo Watch R Talk which is available at Rs 4999.

Design, Comfort, and Build

The smartwatch has a metal frame while the strep is made out of Silicone and the back side is made from plastic.

Because of the metal, the Dizo Watch D Talk has 58 grams of weight (without a strap). Now for those who wanted a budget yet premium-looking smartwatch then you can consider this smartwatch because the metal build

The watch is also comfortable to wear, you can also wear the watch at night too and you won’t feel uncomfortable at all.

The metal is a bit glossy, so it will pick up the fingerprint easily. Overall, the Dizo Watch D Talk is a solid smartwatch, and it’s comfortable to wear even at night.

Speaker and Microphone

Take the Bluetooth Calling feature as an add-on because it doesn’t work the best outdoors, it works the best indoors because of the less noise.

It has a good microphone which means, talking with someone using Dizo Watch D Talk will able to hear your voice without any problem but the problem is,

Now, the critical part is,

Now, the critical part is,

You won’t be able to hear another person clearly, if you’re in a crowded place or when there is noise. The speaker works well at home or when there is no noise.

In short, the Dizo Watch D Talk has a great microphone but it doesn’t have a good speaker.

Health and Fitness Tracking

It has an optical heart rate sensor that provides close to accurate data, so keep the error margin around 5%.

So, let’s say, the oximeter shows 99% SpO2 data then the Dizo Watch D Talk will show you around 97 to 99.

Heart-Rate & SpO2

The sleep data is close to accurate, it provides REM sleep, Light Sleep, and Deep sleep data. To see all the data with the graphs you will have to use the Dizo App.

Sleep Monitoring

As its re-brand of RealMe Watch 3, the sleep data was accurate, it wasn’t calculating the sleep data when I was watching movies or TV shows like Dizo Watch R Talk.

Concluding everything from price to feature, I would have loved to see a built-in GPS but other than that, you will be more than happy with Dizo Watch D Talk.


First of all, you have to download the Dizo App on your smartwatch to use all the features.

Dizo has also added 150+ watch faces inside the Dizo App but if you don’t like any of the pre-added watch faces then you can always use your image or any other image for the watch face.

The app is well-organized, and you won’t face any kind of problem while using it. By the way, the Dizo app will only work on iOS 11+ & Android 5.0+ devices.

Battery Life

Because of the Bluetooth Calling, the battery life is not excellent,

Because of the Bluetooth Calling, the battery life is not excellent,

Now, if you use Bluetooth calling all day then the battery life will be dead during the day but if you use all the features a few times a day then expect the battery life to be around 3 to 4 days.

Now, if you don’t use all the features then you will get battery life to be around 6 to 7 days. (No Bluetooth calling, no heart rate monitoring, no SpO2, and No Sleep Tracking)


Dizo has given everything in Dizo Watch D Talk except the built-in GPS and AMOLED panel other than that, it’s a good Bluetooth calling smartwatch at a good price.

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Images by  Aman Dhingra