Airtel FasTag Review

Buy Airtel FasTag

Fist of all, you need to buy Airtel FasTag from Airtel Website.


Now it's Time

When you get Airtel FasTag at your home. After that, open Airtel Thanks app on your smartphone and click on FasTag option.


There, you don't have to do much, just click on Activate Now button and that's it. You have just Activated  your Airtel FasTag.

Thing to Know

Once you Activate FasTag, Rs 150 will be added into your FasTag which you can't be used. That amount will be there forever.


If you use Rs 150 then FasTag will stop will working. In short, that money is there to make sure, FasTag works properly without any problem.

Airtel FasTag Price

Refundable: ₹200 One Time Tag Cost: ₹100 Minimum Balance: ₹150 Total Amount₹450


FasTag will be mandatory in India from 1st January 2021, so you have to buy get one, if you have car.


I'm using this Airtel FasTag for months and I haven't had any problem and it's easy to use. Overall, this is worth buying FasTag and there won't be any problem while using it. Just go for it...