7 Reasons to not buy LG K42

Display Quality

The phone is priced at Rs 10,990 and it has 6.60-inches HD+ display which is not acceptable as other phones at 10k has FHD+ display



The LG K42 is powered by MediaTek P22 which is not good processor to buy at 11k. After some time, the phone will get leggy.


You won't able to play heavy games like PUBG, COD Mobile. Also, don't expect too much from the performance as MediaTek Helio P22 is not build for gaming, this chip is built for 5k to 6k smartphone. Not for 11k.


The phone has Quad camera but that's just numbers, only Ultra-wide and primary will work the best.


It has decent camera setup and at 11k, this is no best cameras to buy as you can also get POCO M2 at same price.


The LG K42 is priced at Rs 10,900 in India. It has smaller battery, decent cameras, complicated UI, and HD+ display. In short, this is overriced phone with LG logo.



It's running on LG's own OS based on Android 10. Let me say this, this is complicated UI to use So if you like, custom UI with lots of customization then you might like but if not then it's not worth to look at.


Ram &Storage

It has only 3GB Ram which is not good enough for the Android and these says, company don't optimize the phone. So after some time, the phone will get leggy. At least, 4GB Ram should have been great as this is 11k smartphone.



There is not way, I will say, just go for LG K42. If in case, if you want only LG smartphone then I can't say much but this is not worth buying at 11k.