5 Reasons to Not Buy RealMe 8 and 1 Reason to buy

Chipset is bit letdown

RealMe 7 had the same MediaTek Helio G95 and RealMe 8 also has the same old processor which is good for gaming but for day to day use, it's not the best.


The phone will get hot after one hour of use because this chip is build on 12 nm technology. It's not power efficient  chip but if you're gamer, this is best you got.

Battery Life

The phone does have 5,000 mAh battery but just because of chipset, battery is not lasting as long it should be.


If you charge the at 9 AM then it will be dead before 5 PM but if you're heavy user then it could be dead before that.

Build Quality

The phone is made out of plastic that said, you have to use cover case or you won't able to see that DARE TO LEAP.


60Hz refresh rate

The phone is priced at 15k and it has has 60Hz refresh rate which doesn't make any sense. RealMe should have gone with 90Hz AMOLED.



RealMe 8 is the RealMe 7 with new design & AMOLED display and still, RealMe is charging 15k.


RealMe is charging extra 3k for I don't know what? if you want value for money smartphone then just go with Redmi Note 10 Pro because RealMe 8 doesn't justify the 15k price tag.

1 Reason to buy RealMe 8

Gaming Processor 

MediaTek Helio G95 is not build for those people who don't play games, it's build for gamers.


So if you want best gaming smartphone under 15 and if you can't go above 15k then RealMe 8 is the best phone available.  Now if you can go above 15k then just go with RealMe Narzo 30 Pro for gaming.

RealMe 8 is not a bad smartphone but it's a bit pricey, the phone should have launched at 13k. 11,999.


It does have MediaTek Helio G95 Processor which is best for gaming, 30W fast charging support, 5000 mAh battery but it's not value for money device.

Instant of RealMe 8, do take look at Redmi Note 10 which is priced at Rs