5 Reasons to not Buy Nokia 5.4


The Nokia 5.4 is powered by Snapdragon 662 which is good chipset but at 14k, this is not the best chip to buy.


There is no doubt, the phone will give best performance but there are tons of other phone available at 14k with better chip and performance.

Display Quality

The phone comes with 6.39-inches display which is great but it's HD+ display. Also, there is not mention of display protection.


As I said, at 14k, we have other phone with FHD+ display, so no need to spend money on HD+ screen.

Battery Size

These days, you can get 10k phone with 6,000 mAh battery and Nokia 5.4 has only 4,000 mAh battery.


As this phone has HD+ display, battery life will be better then phones with FHD+ display but still, at Rs 13,999, Nokia should have gone with 5,000 battery.

Charging Speed

It does have small 4,000 mAh battery which can be adjustable but it also has 10W charging support which can't be adjustable.


It's like, living in 2019. Nokia should have given at least 18W charging support but they didn't. So if you buy one then you have to live with slow charging.


Yes, this phone too has Quad camera setup from which 48MP primary sensor and 5MP Ultra-Wide lens will be useable and 2MP+2MP is just for marketing.


I'm not saying, Nokia 5.4 has bad cameras. It has good cameras but at 14k, they should have provided better cameras. Considering the price tag, Nokia 5.4 doesn't have the best camera setup at 14k price range.

Nokia 5.4 is a good phone and it should have launched at 10k but it didn’t, so it’s better to skip this phone and take look at other options


6.39 inches HD+ LCD Display

Snapdragon 662 Processor

48 MP Primary + 5 MP  Ultra Wide 2 MP + 2 MP  Rear Cameras

16 MPFront Camera

Stock Android 10

4GB Ram + 64GB storage: Rs 13,999 6GB Ram + 64GB storage: Rs 15,999








Nokia 5.4


4,000 mAh (10W Charging Support)