Microsoft Surface Neo: Features, release date, and more

Microsoft Surface Neo features

Microsoft Surface Neo is a foldable tablet that will be coming out in summer 2020, so yes we all need to wait for it and it’s under development. The foldable tablet is running on Windows 10X OS which is specially developed for foldable devices which means it will have some new features then Widnows home.

The Microsoft Surface Neo is totally different from the Galaxy Fold phone because it has two separate displays. If you can look closely at Microsoft Surface Neo, you can see the tablet is very thin, I mean how Microsoft has fitted battery on this device, by the way, it’s not like Apple iPad Pro 2018, so you don’t need to worry about the build.

Microsoft Surface Neo: A Windows Foldable Tablet

It has two 9-inch display together into a dual-screen machine which becomes 13-inches when you unfold it. The display can be routed to 360-degree which means it can be used as a laptop, a good thing is Microsoft also announced a keyboard for Surface Neo which you need to get it separately.

Talking about keyboard, Microsoft has used a ton of magnet on this device which lets you attach a keyboard on the top of Surface Neo, when you attach the keyboard, the tablet itself creates a touch bar above the keyboard exactly like Macbooks.

The display is protected with gorilla glass but Microsoft didn’t say which version they used on this device. The thinness is about 5.6mm and weighing 655g. There is a pen that magnetically attaches to the device.

That dual-screen display lets you use two applications at the same time whether you are talking with someone on a video call, or want to check email, I mean you can do a lot more than that. For example, when you open Outlook on one screen, and you click a link in an email, the linked website can open directly opposite on the other screen.

Under the hood, Microsoft has used an all-new all-new Intel Lakefield processor, described as a hybrid CPU and incorporating the 11th Generation Intel graphics. The processor is new which means we don’t have any idea how this will perform in day to day tasks.

Microsoft Surface Neo: Release date 

As we have said, Microsoft Surface Neo is coming in the summer of 2020. Till, then I don’t know what to do but you can do whatever you want to do, so go have some fun…

Microsoft Surface Neo: Price

Yet there is an official confirmation from Microsoft, so if anything comes up then it will be updated here.

Now for those who don’t like big size tablets, Microsoft also announced the foldable Surface Duo which also has two 5.6-inch displays that expand to an 8.3-inch device and its runs on the Android operating system. So if you want a smaller display and like Android, and I know you do, so don’t say you don’t like it then you can grab foldable Surface Duo which is also coming in the Summer of 2020.

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