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Apple iPhone Xi all leaks and live renders

iPhone XI leaked

Last year Apple launched three iPhone and like every year we could see three iPhone’s this year but as always before the launch of iPhone, the phototype got leaked and yes images that leaked is looking quite ugly but let’s discuss those rumours and leaks that are running around

Previously we saw some live images shared by Oneleaks and those are quite real, I mean Apple could launch an upcoming iPhone (iPhone Xi) with this leaked design but this time I just wanna say ” Apple doesn’t do this to us ” I mean you can check out all the live images down below and tell me how you like it because it’s looking very ugly but some people will like it because they are Apple fanboy or girl


On the images, you can see there are three cameras present on a backside of iPhone Xi along with LED flashlight and I hope upcoming iPhone has triple rear camera setup but not like this and there is also phototype that gives us a brief idea how Apple will place the triple camera setup

For now, only back panels are leaked and there is no sign for front penal but if anything comes out more than as always it will be updated here.

And there is also one other live images shared by phone designer that shown triple camera like previous leaks but without the hump, and it’s looking way better than a previous design


About specifications, the device will come with A13 chip because every year Apple upgrades the internals and this time we will see A13 with new iPhone Xi, some leaks are suggesting that new iPhone will have type-C support but recently Apple started new production for lightning cable and this might be a sign that Apple will not give us type-c yet, but let’s see because its just rumours and who knows what Apple will launch

Now it’s your turn to tell how you feel about those leaked images in the comment section below.

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