Should you buy iPad in 2020?

iPad 7th Gen review

Today I am asking you one question and it would be!  Should you buy an iPad in 2020?

No doubt that Apple is making great stuff for us but what about iPad, because if you want perfect iPad then you need to pay around 50K for this device and, yes you can also buy iPad at 25K or even 15K, but you will lose out on performance.

So the big question is, is it worth it to invest 50K in the big device?

Absolutely, you can buy an iPad even in 2020 but it depends what you gonna do. You can use for gaming, watching movies or for anything else, by the way, you can do all these stuff on your smartphone too. So if you have money and if you want an extra device to play and watch movies or do your work then you can invest about 30k to 1 lakhs on iPad.

iPad 6th Gen

First of all, let’s talk about the design, I must say that iPad is a great looking device and for those who are looking for a tablet that has nice grip then you gonna love this beast. I know grip is a very important part of any device and if you are buying a big size tablet then it’s very important.

The iPad 7th Gen features a 9.7-inch Full HD+ display and even with a very big screen, you will not feel heavy while playing games or watching Netflix, Amazon Prime, HotStar…

The iPad also comes with a fingerprint sensor and it’s a great thing to have in 2010 because every single smartphone manufacturers are removing fingerprint sensor.

Talking about cameras, Put one thing in your mind, this is a tablet and it’s only for playing games, reading an article, E-books, so don’t expect too much from the camera department.

But yes you can take photos from the iPad but it won’t be superb.

Coming to performance, As I tell, iPad’s are best for anything a part of cameras right. So if you ware planning to buy a tablet that has great performance then don’t think too much and just go with any iPad. Also, choose the newly launched iPad, so it can run anything…

Big screen means less battery life, and yes it’s true but as per my uses, when you charge iPad 100% then it will give around 10 hr battery life. By the way, battery life will depend on your personal use,

For example, if you use an iPad for continues 10 hours then it will be dead very soon.

So final word, if you are looking for a tablet under 30K or 60K then go with iPad, don’t try to think about Android Tablets…

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