Redmi Smart Band Review
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Xiaomi has Mi band 3, 3i, 4 and Mi band 5 is also coming very soon in India but in meantime, Redmi launched the Redmi Smart Band in India at Rs 1,599. The wearable has all the features which are currently present on Mi band 4, so why this band is priced at Rs 1,599? this is what we’re about to find out in the review.

Redmi Smart Band Specifications

  • 1.08 inches LCD Color Display
  • 200 nits Brightness
  • 13 grams of weight
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Support
  • Touch Screen Display
  • 24-hour heart-rate monitoring
  • 130mAH battery
  • Waterproof

It’s not like, Redmi Smart band is the only wearable available at the budget price range. We also have RealMe Smart band, Mi band 3i and lots more. One thing more thing, Redmi Smart band was launched in China at CNY 99 (roughly Rs. 1,100), this version had OLED display while India version has LCD display and priced at Rs 1,599.

Redmi Smart band display quality

7 out of 10

Redmi Smart band has 1.08 inches Color LCD display, also the band has bigger screen size as compared to 0.95-inch AMOLED display on Mi Band 4. I have used the wearable for some time and I feel, Redmi has used good quality display, the only thing I didn’t like is outdoor visibility.

The wearable does have the 200 nits Brightness but sometime, I wouldn’t able to see the time properly under the sunlight. By the way, Redmi does launch the good wearable but I feel, the price could have been lower because it’s not the best wearable available out there.

The band also has the raise-to-wake gesture that means you can raise the wrist to view new messages on the screen without touching the display. This is the best feature to have in the smart band but Redmi didn’t implement properly, sometimes, I had to raise my wrist two or three times to see what’s the time, I mean it’s irritating.

I hope Redmi fix this with OTA update but for now, this is what you have to deal with. Overall, Display could have been batter but this is what we got at Rs 1,599.

Design and Comfort

6 out of 10

There is nothing new in design because we have seen the same design. Talking about comfort, the band weight is about 13 gram which is good, you won’t even know whether you’re wearing the band or not?

Thing get little bit tricky when you wear the band for while, I feel, after sometime, you have to adjust the band again and again which is also not great feeling. I don’t recommend you should wear the band at night because it’s not very comfortable to wear at night.

Xiaomi should have provided different strep like what they did Mi band 4,they did come out with different design but it’s the best design available. For example, you can see the band on the images, the wearable is straight, it’s curved from the sides like RealMe band.

Not most of the time but something, you will get uncomfortable and you have adjusted the band. In short, Redmi or you can call it Xiaomi should have provided the same design as Mi band 4 because it’s well-tested design but still, Redmi is sub-brand, so they can’t just copy products from Xiaomi like POCO.


10 out of 9

This is where Redmi gone all out. The Redmi band comes with five professional sports modes, sleep tracking, 24-hour heart-rate monitoring, waterproof up to 50 meters of depth for 10 minutes and many more. So inters of fitness tracker, Redmi band is good option.

Keep in mind, the sleep tracker won’t be accurate as Honor Band 5 or even close to Mi band 5 but as per price, you can’t really complain.

You can also enable the calls, notifications, reminders and all the other feature which you can access from Mi Fit application. Redmi didn’t do any kind compromises in features. The wearable also has build in USB port for charging that means you don’t need to carry charger with you, you just need power adapter and you good to go.

It’s cool technology but I not so sure about it because how long strap will hold, I mean you have to remove the USB port and then attach to it again and again, the strep can get lose and you have to spend Rs 399 to get new one. In short, this is way simpler than charger deck but still, it’s not very practical. I prefer charger deck instead of this build in USB port.

How to connect Redmi Band with Smartphone

Redmi Smart Band Review

It’s very simple process.

1] Downlead Mi Fit Application from App store or Play store

2] Create new Mi account

3] Now you will see + icon on the top-right side, just tap on it

4] You will see Redmi Band on your smartphone screen

5] Select the Redmi band

6] Now Mi Fit App will ask you for Bluetooth, storage, calls, message, and location permission

7] Don’t allow all the permission, allow only which you gonna use

8] Now wait for sometime, Redmi Band will get connect automatically.

9] Now play around with setting, that’s it

Battery Life

8.5 out of 10

Mi band 4 gives about 20 days of battery like while Redmi Band gives about 14 days of battery life with a full charge. By the way, the Redmi band will take 2 hours to charge 0% to 100%.

I don’t say much about battery life for any device because it depends user by user. For example, if you enable sleep tracking and 24-hour heart-rate monitoring then the band can be dead in 7 or 8 days but if you don’t use any additional features then the band can last for above 10 days.

In the end, it depend on you, how you use the band daily.


Redmi Smart Band comes with lots of features but these days, smart band is not just all about fitness. People are looking for other feature too and this is where I feel, Redmi Smart band lose the track. The wearable is not very comfortable to wear for long time, the display is not visible under sunlight, the charging port can lose strep in long term.

It’s better to skip Redmi Band and wait for Mi band 5 or Honor Band 6.


  • Tons of fitness features
  • Waterproof
  • Bigger Display


  • The band is not comfortable for a long time
  • The display is not that visible outdoors
  • USB-port can lose the strep
  • Bit overpriced
  • LCD Display

Redmi Smart Band Specifications

Redmi Smart Band Review


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