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Wireless bluetooth Headphone is hot topic these days because most of the mobile companies are removing 3.5mm Audio jack from the smartphones. Even some of budget smartphone doesn’t have audio jack.

If you’re looking for the best yet budget centric wireless headphone then I think you’re in the right place. So let’s see some of the best wireless headphones that you can buy under Rs 2,000 in India.

Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs 2,000

If you buy any product from Online then the price may change time from time and that’s why I have added a small table that has all the information that will help you. So check it out, now let’s begin…

Top 5 Best Wireless Headphones Under Rs 2,000Price Buy Now
Mi Super Bass WirelessRs 1,599BUY@Amazon
JBL Infinity 500Rs 1,699BUY@Amazon
boAt Rockerz 450Rs 1,399BUY@Amazon
Mivi Saxo WirelessRs 1,799BUY@Amazon
boAt Rockerz 510Rs 1,899BUY@Amazon
Zebronics Zeb-ThunderRs 949BUY@Amazon

Mi Super Bass Wireless

Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphones

If want extra-bass then don’t go for any other headphone because Mi Super Bass headphone has extra boosted bass which some people will love and some will hate. I’m a bass guy. So I just love what Xiaomi is offering.

Right now, the Mi Super Base is priced at Rs 1,599 in India and you can buy this from Amazon IN. The headphone comes with a 40mm Dynamic driver, Bluetooth 5.0 and this will last for 20 hours with a full charge.

Overall, Mi Super Bass is value for money headphones, and keep in mind, there are not many good wireless headphones available under Rs 2,000. If you’re looking for good wireless headphones then this is my first pick for you but still, if you don’t like it then let’s take a look at 2nd best.

JBL Infinity 500 Wireless Headphone

Infinity Glide 500 Wireless Headphones

You all know JBL but recently they have launched another brand name called Infinity, you can call it sub-brand. So the sound quality is same as what you get with any other JBL product. The JBL Infinity 500 is priced at Rs 1,699 in India and I think what you are getting at this price is value for money.

The JBL Infinity 500 comes with a 400mAh battery which will last for 20 hours but keep in mind, battery life will depend on volume level. So if you keep volume level to 90% to 100% then the battery will come down to zero very soon. In short, keep the volume to 50% to 70%, if you want more battery life.

This is below 2k headphones, so don’t expect much from the build. By the way, this too is also available at Amazon but if you don’t want to shop online then I think, you can also get it from the local JBL store.

boAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Headphone

boAt Rockerz 450 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

Now, if you don’t want to spend almost Rs 2,000 then I think you will like this headphone. The boAt Rockerz 450 is priced at Rs 1,399 and it’s available at Amazon. By the way, if you can wait for Amazon sale then you can get this headphone as low as Rs 1,299.

The boAt Rockerz 500 also has a 40mm Dynamic driver but it has Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity which is kind of old but if you keep your smartphone with you all the time then I don’t think connectivity will be an issue.

Battery backup is also not that great, the boAt Rockerz 500 only has 300mAh battery and it will give you 8 hours of battery life. In short, it’s priced at Rs 1,399 and you can see the cost-cutting. If you can’t push your budget further then this too is not a that bad option.

Mivi Saxo Wireless

Mivi Saxo Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

If you’re from India then you may have heard about the Mivi brand because most of the Indian YouTubers have done ads for Mivi Products. So good is it?

The Mivi Saxo Wireless headphone was launched in India on 27 September 2017 and it’s an Indian brand but the products are imported from China which is mentioned on the Amazon site.

Talking about sound Quality, Mivi didn’t mention which Audio driver they have used but as far as I know, the sound quality is not that bad. The Mivi Saxo headphone is available everywhere, whether you want to buy from Amazon, Flipkart and you also buy from local stores.

boAt Rockerz 510 Wireless Headphone

boAt Rockerz 510 Bluetooth Headphone

If you wanted wireless headphones for gaming under Rs 2,000 then this one is a perfect fit for you. You can just see the design, it’s built for gamers. It has a 50mm driver which will give the best possible audio quality.

Also, if somehow, if you run out of battery then you can also use Aux cable and use it as wired headphones. The Aux cable is not included with the headphone, so you have to buy separately.

This headphone will give you about 10 hours of battery life and as I have said, the battery life depends on volume level. the boAt Rockerz 510 is priced at Rs 1,899 and you can buy this headphone from the Amazon India website but if you can wait for sale then you can get as low as Rs 1,499.


If I write any top-best article then you will see bonus product, here is bonus headphone if you didn’t like any of five…

The Zebronics Zeb-Thunder wireless headphone is priced at Rs 949 and this too is available at Amazon.

This headphone has everything, I mean you can put micro-SD, use Aux cable and it also has 40mm drivers. So if you don’t want to carry a smartphone with you then just add some songs to the SD card and you good to go.

This is not perfect headphones because it’s priced below 1k but still, it’s good for those who don’t want to spend more than Rs 1,000 on headphones.

Conclusion: which Wireless Headphone should you buy?

I think you already know, I will go with Mi Super Bass Wireless Headphone because I love extra bass that’s why I also use JBL C100TWS earbuds. Still, if you have any questions about these headphones or anything else then do let me know in the comment box below.

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