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We recently posted the top 5 Computer Monitor under Rs 20,000 in India, so I thought let’s make another computer-related article, so here it is. If you are looking for a gaming Mouse but couldn’t find best then don’t worry because here is the Top 5 Best Gaming Mouse which you can buy in India. So let’s jump into this…

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Logitech G402

So first if always Logitech because it’s compnay which mainly focuses on Computer accessories. Now if your budget is Rs 2,000 then I think this Logitech G402 gaming Mouse will blow your mind because it has everything which you will need when you play games, keep in mind, it’s 20k product which means you won’t get tons of features but considering the price tag, I think it’s worth it. By the way, this Logitech G402 is priced at Rs 1,999 on the Amazon India website.

If you want to buy this product then It’s available on the Amazon India website, here some of the features which Logitech mentioned on the Amazon India website…

  • Fusion engine high-speed tracking, Length Cable: 2.1m, Durability: Buttons (Left / Right): 20 million clicks ; USB data format: 16 bits/axis ; USB report rate: 1000 Hz (1 ms) ; High-speed clicking ; Dynamic Co-efficient of Friction: 0.09 micro (k)
  • 8 programmable buttons; Compatible: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista
  • On-the-fly DPI switching, Maximum resolution with on-the-fly DPI shifting: 4,000 dpi
  • 32-Bit arm processor
  • High-speed clicking

Redragon Gainer M610

Redragon Gainer M610

Now if you don’t want to spend entire Rs 2,000 in gaming Mouse then this Redragon Gainer M610 will save your money and you will get almost everything which you need in gaming Mouse. This Redragon Gainer M610 is priced at Rs 745 on the Amazon India website. By the way, this Redragon company also offers Gainer M619 gaming Mouse which is priced at Rs 1,299, so choose according to your budget.

Here is some feature that Redragon mentioned about the Gainer M61 Amazon India Page.

  • LED Backlit Gaming Mouse up to 3200 DPI (user adjustable 1000/1600/2400/3200 DPI)
  • 6 programmable buttons including 2 customizable thumb buttons allow adjusting the mouse for its user’s needs; the Textured surface of the upper button decreases the risk of accidental «blind» hit
  • High precision optical sensor with the option of the chosen level of DPI speed indicated by the color of the scroll wheel
  • Specially invented Teflon formula ensures excellent gliding; Thanks to enlarged feet surface, balanced feet height and optimal place the mouse moves strictly horizontally
  • Widened scroll wheel with special ribbed protector makes the mouse control easier; The shape and the place of the scroll wheel are optimal for simultaneous movements of index finger from the left button to the wheel back and forth.

Lenovo Legion M200 RGB Gaming Mouse

Lenovo Legion M200

Lenovo recently launched the Lenovo Legion gaming series laptop in India and with a laptop then also launched some of the computer accessories which helps you to play better games. I’m not gonna talk about every single accessory, so let’s look at only Lenovo Legion M200 RGB gaming mouse. This gaming mouse is priced at Rs 1,399 and it’s available at Amazon India website.

As you can tell from the title of this mouse, it has RGB light menas it will give you a proper gaming vibe. So this one is also a good option, here is some feature that Lenovo mentioned about the Legion M200 RGB Amazon India Page.

  • The Lenovo legion M200 RGB gaming mouse is designed for the beginners and amateur PC gamers
  • Ambidextrous comfortable design, it is affordable in price but uncompromised in functionality and performance,
  • Legion M200 features a 5-button design, up to 2400 DPI with 4 levels DPI switch. Adjust DPI on the fly
  • 7-color circulating-backlight for the look and feel with the comfort & strength of a braided cable
  • It is easy-to-use and set-up without any extra complicated software

Circle Marksman 4-4000

Circle Marksman 4-4000

You know about the circle, they also make gaming mouse, this Circle Marksman 4-4000 priced at Rs Rs 1,599 and you can grab this from the Amazon India website. I won’t recement this Mouse to everyone but still, if you want to buy a circle product then this could be a great deal. By the way, this is not a bad product but it’s not best at Rs 1,599. So if you can this Mouse at 1k then don’t miss the chance.

Here is some feature that Circle mentioned about the Marksman 4-4000 Amazon India Page.

  • Performance parameters : Transmission: Wired, mouse work: Photoelectric
  • Resolution: 5 levels – 500/1000/2000/3000/4000 dpi, max acceleration: 10g
  • Keys: 6 keys, 5 programmable keys, button lifetime: 10 million clicks

Logitech G102

Logitech G102

Let’s finish this article with Logitech G102, this Gaming Mouse priced at Rs 1,119 and it’s available on Amazon India website. It doesn’t have all the features with Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury have but it’s also priced at Rs 1,119, so you can’t really complain. So yes, if you’re picky about the brand then Logitech G102 is for you but if you only want the best gaming mouse then take a look at Legion M200 or Redragon Gainer M610.

Here some of the features which Logitech mentioned on the Amazon India website…

  • 00DPI to 6000DPI adjustable optical sensor
  • The direct following model of legendary G1
  • 16.8m LED color customizing; Maximum Speed: Greater than 200 IPS; Responsiveness: USB Data Format – 16 bits/axis, USB Report Rate – 1000 Hz (1ms)
  • Classic design, SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.11 or later, Chrome OSTM, USB port, Max. speed: >200 IPS3
  • USB connectivity with 2m long cable and 1000Hz polling rate
  • Tension button system
  • Programmable 6 buttons

Before you close this tab, here is a bonus one…

Bonus One+

This Cosmic Byte Pulsar V1 Gaming Mouse is priced at Rs 1,299 and you can buy from the Amazon website. So if you don’t like above Mouse then take look at this one but choose a better one for gaming because gaming is not a joke, just kidding… Here some of the features which Logitech mentioned on the Amazon India website… Here some of the features which Cosmic mentioned about Byte Pulsar V1 Gaming Mouse on the Amazon India website…

  • The mouse surface has been treated with special anti-slip and anti-sweat texture for enhanced grip and comfort for extra long gaming sessions
  • 1.5m durable cloth cable with magnetic ring and magic tape for better wire management
  • Built-in metal weights help to add more comfort and accuracy while gaming
  • Ergonomic design for balanced weight distribution and better grip for enhanced gaming performance and comfort
  • Fast forward or backward when browsing the web, forward or backward at the same folder window

Note: Images used for this article are from the Amazon India website…

Now that’s it, if you have any questions regarding those products or anything else then do let me know in the comment box… choose the best gaming mouse to play your favorite games…


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