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5 Best Gaming Keyboards Under Rs 5,000 in India (September 2022)

Gaming keyboard under Rs 5000

If you want to play games on your PC then I would say, go with a gaming keyboard rather than a gaming controller because, with a keyboard, you can access a lot more keys as compared to a gaming controller.

I’m not saying, the controller is not good but for me, the keyboard makes things easier.

Like me, if you’re a keyboard person and looking for the best gaming keyboard then you’re in the right place because today I’m about to tell you the top 5 best gaming keyboards which you can buy for under Rs 5,000 in India.

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Logitech G Prodigy G213

Logitech G Prodigy G213

This is the best gaming keyboard for under Rs 5,000 in India, the good thing about this keyboard is, that it comes with a palm rest which means your hand won’t hurt while you’re gaming or writing something.

Also, this is a backlit keyboard which means you can use the keyboard at night without turning on the room light. The Logitech G Prodigy G213 comes with dedicated media controls including Play, Pause, Skip, and Adjust.

The keyboard is priced at Rs 3,499 which is a perfect price for this gaming keyboard. It also comes with 12 function keys with custom commands.

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Here comes the selling point, it has Logitech G HUB which means, you can customize the keyboard as per your liking.

Do note that this is not a mechanical keyboard and I don’t think, as of now we have a mechanical gaming keyboard under Rs 5,000 in India. If you found any then do let me know in the comment box.

Best Buy Link: Logitech G Prodigy G213

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer is a big name in the gaming world and by the name, this keyboard stands out

Razer is offering two options here, one is the only keyboard and one with a keyboard and mouse combo, of course, that combo offer is a price thousand more.

The Razer Cynosa Chroma is priced at Rs 3,999 while the combo is priced at Rs Rs 4,849. One of the biggest selling points of this keyboard is RGB light, you can select each key to different color which you won’t find in any budget gaming keyboard.

So if you’re that person who loves to play with keys then this could your new keyboard. Also, this keyboard doesn’t have a palm rest. Overall, this too is a good option to consider.

Best Buy Link: Razer Cynosa Chroma

Circle Saberon X7C

Circle Saberon X7C

Some of you may have heard about Circle, if not then let me tell you. The Circle is an Indian Gaming company.

Back to the keyboard, it has Blue, red, green, violet, white, cyan, and yellow RGB colors that said, you have to choose between these colors.

Also, this keyboard doesn’t have any software where you can control the keyboard, that’s the negative point.

The good thing is, that it comes with braided cable. This too comes with dedicated volume and multimedia controls which are always good to have in the gaming keyboard.

The Circle Saberon X7C is priced at Rs 4,499 but if you wait for sale days then you can get this keyboard at low as Rs 2,100 and that’s why it’s in 3rd place. So wait for Amazon’s or Flipkart’s selling days…

Best Buy Link: Circle Saberon X7C



This is a fully gaming keyboard because it comes with 6 programmable macro keys that you can use for anything, also, this too has dedicated volume and multimedia controls which are implemented very well.

The Corsair K55 is priced at Rs 3,799 which included the palm rest as well.

The keyboard doesn’t have a braided cable which means you have to be care full about the wire. This too has software where you can control the keyboard which is a nice touch. Overall, it’s a good keyboard but not the best.

Best Buy Link: CORSAIR K55

That’s it but still, if you want a mechanical keyboard and if you can add a thousand more then let’s talk about our bonus keyboard…

The Logitech G413 is fully a mechanical keyboard but it’s priced at Rs 6,000 if you can wait for Amazon’s or Flipkart selling days then you can get this keyboard at low as Rs 5,000.

I would say, if you want the best gaming experience then just add a thousand more and get Logitech G 413 but of course, if your budget is under Rs 5,000 then you can also consider the Logitech G Prodigy G213.

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