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Everything From RealMe

Everything Realme in 2020

Today we are showing you all the products that ReaMe has produced. So if you want to buy or want to check out, the RealMe product then you don’t need to search each and every product on Google, all the product is available here. The list will be updated from time to time, so you get the latest product data.

RealMe Smartphones 

Realme 1RealMe 1: Rs 9,490[email protected] | Amazon
Realme 2RealMe 2: Rs 10,978[email protected] | Amazon
Realme 2 ProRealMe 2 Pro: Rs 10,999[email protected] | Amazon
Realme 3RealMe 3: Rs 9,999[email protected] | Amazon
Realme 3iRealMe 3i : Rs 8,999[email protected] | Amazon
Realme 3 ProRealMe 3 Pro: Rs 12,999[email protected] | Amazon
 Realme 5RealMe 5: Rs 9,999[email protected] | Amazon
Realme 5sRealMe 5s: Rs 9,999[email protected]
Realme 5 proRealMe 5 Pro: Rs 13,999[email protected] | Amazon
 Realme 6Realme 6: Rs 12,999[email protected]
Realme U1RealMe U1: Rs 7,999[email protected] | Amazon
 Realme 6 ProRealme 6 Pro: Rs 16,999[email protected]
Realme C1RealMe C1: Rs 7,999[email protected] | Amazon
 Realme C2RealMe C2: Rs 6,999[email protected] | Amazon
Realme C3Realme C3[email protected]
 Realme XTRealMe XT: Rs 15,999 [email protected]
Realme XRealMe X: Rs 16,999[email protected] | Amazon
Realme X2RealMe X2: Rs 15,999[email protected]
 Realme X2 ProRealMe X2 Pro: Rs 29,999[email protected]

RealMe Earphones 

Realme Buds 1Realme Buds 1: Rs 399[email protected]
Realme Buds 2Realme Buds 2 : Rs 699[email protected]
RealMe Wireless EarphoneRealMe Wireless Earphone: Rs 1,799[email protected]
RealMe TWSRealme TWS: Rs 3,999[email protected]

RealMe Chargers and Cables

 RealMe VOOC chargerRealMe VOOC charger: Rs 999[email protected] | Flipkart
RealMe Charger 10WRealMe Charger 10W: Rs 499[email protected]
 Realme Micro-USB CableRealme Micro-USB Cable: Rs Rs 199[email protected]
Realme Micro-USB VOOC CableRealme Micro-USB VOOC Cable: Rs 299[email protected]
Realme Type-C cableRealme Type-C cable: Rs 399[email protected]

RealMe Other Products  

Realme PowerBankRealme PowerBank: Rs 1,299[email protected] | Amazon
RealMe BagPackRealMe BagPack: Rs 2,399[email protected]
RealMe Tote BagRealMe Tote Bag: Rs 1,199[email protected]
Realme Band 1Realme Band: Rs 1,499[email protected]

*Realme was founded in May 2018, establishing itself as a smartphone brand offering devices with both strong performance and a trendy design in the broad context of e-commerce. Realme first appeared in China in 2010 as “OPPO Real”. It was a subbrand of OPPO Electronics Corporation until its separation in 2018, after which it became an independent company. – Wikipedia

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