5 Best Headphones Under Rs 2000 in India (March 2023)

Best Headphones Under Rs 2000
Headphones Under Rs 2000

There are tons of headphones available under Rs 2000 whether it’s wireless or wired but you can’t just pick a random one that’s the reason, today, I’m about to share with you some of the best headphones which you can buy under Rs 2000 in India.

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Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Over-Ear Headphone

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Gaming Headphones

If your budget is Rs 2,000 and if you want the best gaming headphones then don’t look for anything else, the Redgear Cosmo 7.1 is the best option available under 2k in INDIA

The headphones come with 50mm Audio drivers along with a dedicated microphone for gaming which means you don’t have to use an extra mic for your voice. It also has 6 RGB light effects.

Now keep in mind, that this is a bit heavy headphone and has 608 grams of weight. It also has a dedicated mute button, so while gaming if you want to do something then you can use the mute button and no one will hear your voice.

One thing to note here, if someone is sitting next to you then he or she will be able to hear music from the headphone. This happens when you use these headphones at 80% or 100% Volume.

Redgear Cosmo 7.1 is the best option under Rs 2,000 but if you don’t like heavy headphones or if you never used heavy headphones then let’s take look at the next gaming headphones.

OneOdio Over-Ear Headphone Studio

OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Headphones

If you’re reading this and if you want the best headphones under Rs 2,000 in INDIA then just go for OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Headphones, it has everything that you ever wanted in headphones. Now, let’s see, what’s inside the OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Headphone.

The headphone has 50mm, audio drivers and 1.5 meters cable length, a 3.5mm Audio jack, and a 6.3mm curl cable. While the headset is made out of plastic, OneOdio used good-quality plastic, so there won’t be any kind of problem in long term.

Talking about sound quality, whether you want to listen to bass-heavy music or classic music, the headphone will give the best sound quality. Also, if you love to hear bass-heavy songs then you will love the OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Headphones.

Go for it, if your budget is Rs 2,000 then you won’t get better headphones than OneOdio Over-Ear DJ Headphones in INDIA but if you want headphones for gaming then do consider the Redgear Cosmo 7.1 USB Wired Gaming Headphone.

Mi Wireless Bluetooth Headphone

MI Wireless Headphone

Now if you want wireless headphones then this is the headphone for you. Xiaomi has just launched its first wireless headphone in India at the price of Rs 1,699 and it’s available via Amazon & Xiaomi websites.

Xiaomi is promoting these headphones as pure bass headphones and it’s true. Yes, I have used this headphone and considering the price point, it has the best bass quality when it comes to Bluetooth headphones. Xiaomi has used a 40 mm dynamic driver and that will help you to get better sound quality.

Overall considering the price tag Mi wireless headphones does provide value, so yes if your budget is below 2k and looking for wireless headphones then this might be a great choice.

Sennheiser HD 206 507364 Headphone

Sennheiser HD 206 507364 Headphones

The Sennheiser HD 206 507364 Headphone is not for everyone because it’s made for video editing or if you want headphones to listing to podcasts or classic music.

The headphones don’t have a built-in microphone which is a huge letdown but as I have said, this is not built for everyone. The Sennheiser HD 206 507364 Headphone comes with 30mm audio drivers along with 3 meters cable.

Now, if you’re looking for bass-heavy headphones skip this headphone, and also for those, who are music lovers, this is not the best option.

If you’re looking for the best headphone for video editing for under Rs 2,000 or wanted the best headphone for podcasts then don’t look for anything else, the Sennheiser HD 206 Headphone is the best option.

**Don’t buy these headphones to listen to music or to play games.

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphone

Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphone

Now, if your budget is Rs 1,000 and you want the best gaming headphones then do consider the Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphone. It comes with 40mm audio drivers and braided cable which will last for a long time.

The gaming headphone also comes with a microphone. There won’t be any problem while talking to your friends while playing games.

The Headphone is compatible with mobile, PC, Xbox, and all other devices because it has a 3.5mm jack and a USB port while it has 7 RGB LED lights.

Do note, this is not built for listing to music, so don’t buy these headphones just for listing to music. The sound quality is good it can be used to watch movies or for video calls.

The Cosmic Byte GS430 Gaming Headphone is priced at Rs 999 in INDIA and considering the price tag, this is one of the best options, you won’t be disappointed after buying it.

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