Nokia PureBook X14 Core i5 10th Gen

Nokia was a big brand but that’s not the case now and yet, they launch a new product at a premium price. Recently launched Nokia PureBook X14 is priced at Rs 59,999 which has Core i5 10th Gen processor with Intel Integrated UHD 620 graphics. There are a lot to talk about this new laptop, so let’s dive into this…

Nokia PureBook X14 Price in India

Nokia PureBook X14 price in India starts from Rs 59,999 and it’s available in black colour. The first sale is on 18th December 2020 at noon and it will be sold via Flipkart India website.

Is it Worth Buying Nokia PureBook X14

Nokia PureBook X14 Core i5 10th Gen

No, Nokia PureBook X14 Core i5 10th Gen is not worth buying as this is an overpriced laptop. There are many laptops available at 40k with better specifications and this one is priced at 60k. The laptop doesn’t have something unique that makes you spend 60k, it’s a normal laptop with Nokia branding and that’s. It’s batter to skip Nokia PureBook X14 and look at other options.


The Nokia PureBook X14 has Core i5 10th Gen processor with Intel Integrated UHD 620 graphics. This means, this is not built for gaming, it’s a notebook. It’s going to be best for your JOB work but don’t even think about to play games on it because it has Intel Integrated UHD 620 graphics which won’t able to handle CS:GO properly.

Nokia PureBook X14 has USB 3.1×2 , USB 2.0 x1 , USB type C 3.1 x1 , HDMI x 1 , RJ45 x 1 , Audio out/Mic-in x 1 ports. You can plug whatever you want. It has 512GB SSD NVMe and 8GB of DDR4 Ram.

It also supports Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos which will be great for watching movies. There are not many laptops available with Dolby Vision & Dolby Atmos at this price range.

Other options

You can look at Lenovo IP S340-15IILD or Mi Notebook 14 Horizon. Both of these laptops have battery specifications and overall, these are valued for money products as compared to Nokia PureBook X14.


Nokia PureBook X14 Core i5 10th Gen

As I said, Nokia PureBook X14 is the best laptop for media consumption or doing JOB work but it’s not best for gaming. In short, if you want a Nokia branded laptop then just go for it but if you don’t care about Nokia brand then Nokia PureBook X14 is not value for money device.

This should have come at around 45k to 50k, they are charging 15k extra for the brand.

Big question is, where is a service centre for Nokia Laptops. If something happens to a laptop, where will I go? Nokia has to answer all this question yet they didn’t say anything. Earlier, Nokia had launched Nokia TV which was made by Flipkart but under the Nokia brand, this feels the same.

I hope that’s not the case with Nokia Laptops. Somewhere around, it feels, Flipkart and Nokia have some kind of agreement and they are using the Nokia brand and that’s it. Let’s wait and see, what happened when Laptop goes for the first sale, I will let you know, if anything comes up…


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