How to Earn Money on YouTube

How To Earn Money On YouTube

Making Videos for free is not ideal for anyone but if you can earn money from them then it’s the best thing for anyone. When you think about making money from Videos, only one name comes which is YouTube but somehow if you don’t know “How to Earn Money on YouTube” then let’s talk about that.

Before we begin, YouTube has 325M monthly active users in India (over the age of 18+). Now, these number will grow more and more every day, so if you still, I can’t make money on YouTube then I don’t know what to say? Now let’s jump into it?

How to Earn Money on YouTube?

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YouTube is owned by Google which means you can enable AdSense ads from which you can earn money, YouTube also offers a membership program where subscribers can pay certain money and can become members of your channel while there is an option to receive money (super chats.) when you go live.

Apart from YouTube money, you can also earn money from brand deals, Affiliate marketing, selling your online course, sell your own products.

That was it, now let’s explore each and every way with full details.

Google Adsense

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If you have just started then you won’t able to enable earn money from AdSense because to enable ads from Google you will need 1000 Subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time.

Once, you complete that criteria, YouTube will show ads on your videos, and from there, you can earn money.

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YouTube AdSense

How Much Money Will I Get from 1000 View?

Each and every country, will give you a different account of money, let’s say, you get 1000 views from India then you might get ₹5 to 100. Now if you get 1000 views from the US then you will get around ₹60 to ₹100 or more.

In short, Indian advertiser doesn’t pay much money to Google as the US, so that’s why there is a difference.

YouTube AdSense revenue share?

Let’s say you earn ₹10,000 from YouTube AdSense then you will get only ₹5,500 while YouTube will get ₹4,500 from Your earning. In shorts, it’s 45/55 share revenue share.

YouTube Membership & Super Chats

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YouTube Membership

For YouTube Membership & Super Chats, you will need to complete 1000 Subscribers & 4000hr of watch time and after then YouTube will notify you.

Now, YouTube Membership & Super Chats is depended on your subscribers. It’s the same thing as a Netflix subscription, you need to give something extra to your subscribers, so they can pay you monthly fees.

YouTube Membership & Super Chats revenue share?

This is a bit different than YouTube AdSense revenue share, here, YouTube will keep only 30% of your income and 60% will be added to your bank account.

Affiliate marketing

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YouTube doesn’t provide, affiliate program, so you have to use other websites. I have added some big names down below, if you want you can make a free affiliate account on any of this website and earn money.

Sign up for affiliate programs on Amazon, Flipkart, ClickBank, Banggood and if you want to promote Web Hosting then you can sign up for A2hosting, SiteGround, Bluehost Hostgator, etc.

What is Affiliate marketing?

A simple question and here is a simple answer, it means you need to promote someone else’s product and when the user purchases something from your promoted links then you will get a commission.

Example of Affiliate commission?

Let’s suppose you have selected Apple iPhone 11. So let’s calculate the earnings you will get if you sell 10 iPhone 11, by the way, Amazon gives a 4% commission on mobiles.

  • iPhone 11 price in India: Rs 68,300
  • 10 iPhone 11 *  Rs 68,300:  Rs 68,3000

Let’s see how much money you will make from Rs 68,3000 * 4 / 100: Rs 27,320

Note: Apple doesn’t give affiliate commission on any apple products, this was just to give you an idea.

Sell Online Course or Products

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Make Course

This is for those people who have subscribers, so let’s say, you have 5,000 subscribers on your YouTube Channel. So what you can do is, make courses about whatever you know, for example, “how to earn money from YouTube“, “How to Rank website on Google“, “Digital Marketing 1 on 1“, etc.

Upload course on Udemy and earn money from there or you can also sell your own products on Amazon and just put a link on YouTube channel and make a video that I have a new product.

Now, if your subscribers are genuine then this can become bigger then ever.

Good thing is, YouTube has just added merchandise option but for that you will need 1000 Subscribers & 4000 hours of watch time. So if you have AdSense enable on YouTube then you can add new tab on Your YouTube Channel and showcase your merchandise

Brand Deals

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Brand Deals

Right now most of the popular creators are earning money from Brand deals, not from Google AdSense or not from Affiliate marketing. So try to create a good audience, and once the brand noticed you, they will approach you.

One thing you need to lock in your mind, don’t ever contact brand, they will contact you. This way, you can ask for X amount of money because the brand wants to promote its product on your platform.

You won’t get brand deals if you have just started. Whether you will need good subscribers on YouTube or page views on the website. To give you a clear idea, I will add the image down below, I will blur the brand name, this is just to give you some idea.

How to Earn Money on YouTube 20

You can see, you don’t need to contact the brand, if you have good page views on the website or YouTube then they will contact you.


These are some of the ways you can earn money from YouTube but the question is, do you want to start YouTube Channel or not? if yes then do let me know, what kind of content you gonna make?

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