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  1. Hello Rahul ,

    1.You said we can shoot 4k video with front cam also .. are you sure ?

    2.Did you face or foresee any UI bugs

    Awaiting your reply


    1. Yes, it can shoot video at 4k@30fps with a front camera. Also, UI is smoother in Vivo V70 Pro Vivo X70 Pro, so no issue there but still, Vivo has pre-loaded tons of third-party apps which is kind of a bummer as this is no budget smartphone.

      1. Thanks for the reply Rahul , but in your reply u said vivo V70 pro , is it a typo it has to be vivo x70 pro right

        Another one ..2 to 3 times you mentioned there are stereo speakers are you sure about it ?

        Please confirm

        Thanks in advance

        1. Hey, thanks for pointing it out. I was reviewing both Plus and Pro together, so that stereo speaker was added automatically by my hands, sorry for that. And yes, that was a typo, I meant Vivo X70 Pro…