Samsung Galaxy M51 Review after 3 Months of Use – Pros Cons, FAQs and More

Galaxy M51 Review

On 10th September 2020, I reviewed the Samsung Galaxy M51 and at that time, the phone was priced at Rs 24,999 but now, it’s available at Rs 22,999. So I think, this is the best time to see, what Samsung improved with OTA update or is it worth buying, let’s find out?

Galaxy M51 Price in India (new)

The Galaxy M51 is available on Amazon India and you can choose from Celestial Black and Electric Blue Color options.

  1. 6GB Ram + 128GB Storage: Rs 22,999
  2. 8GB Ram + 128GB Storage: Rs 24,999

Samsung Galaxy M51 Review

When Galaxy M51 was launched in India, the phone had lots minor issue which I have talked in full review but after almost three months of updates, now I can say, Samsung has solved all the problem which Galaxy M51 had. Let me add one line from the Galaxy M51 review which I posted a while back.

“The only thing I didn’t like is, sometimes images turned out to be overexposed which is most of the time, it’s more vibrant than natural colours. By the way, most of the people do like overexposed images, So this won’t be a huge problem for almost everyone.”


That overexposed problem is now gone that means if you click images with Galaxy M51 then the images won’t be turned out overexposed. 64MP Sony IMX 682 sensor is now optimized for the OneUI and it works the best and now I can say, at 23k, this is the best camera phone you get to buy.

12MP ultra-wide lens has also been improved after some OTA update. All the images shot on the ultra-wide lens, tuned out to be great and now you can see, all the details without sharpening the images.

Galaxy M51 Review

These days, I feel, all the mobile brands are focusing on quantity rather than quality. What I’m saying is, after some OTA updates, the smartphone can be improved and this the case with Galaxy M51 but still, I feel, brands can do all the work before launch but this is what it is now.


Talking about performance, as I have said, I haven’t had any problem with the performance and still, the phone is doing well. Also, the phone has NFC support that means you can use NFC for payment or to connect with headphone or anything else.

Galaxy M51 Review

Qualcomm Snapdragon 730G will handle all the games without any problem, you will able to play games like COD Mobile or asphalt 9 or any others. There won’t any problem while playing games or even while watching movies as the phone as support for Widevine L1 certification.


Here, I don’t have to talk about display quality but if you want to know, the phone doesn’t have 90Hz refresh rate, it has 60Hz but this is Samsung AMOLED screen and this one is the best to screen you can get below 25k in India. So if you want quality display then yes, this the best you have.

Battery Life

The Samsung Galaxy M51 has massive 7,000 mAh battery with 25W fast charging support and it also has reverse charging support that means you can charge other smartphones with Galaxy M51. The battery will last for two days but if you’re casual user then it can last for three days too.

Samsung Galaxy M51 FAQs

is Galaxy M51 worth buying
images; Samsung

How is the battery life of Galaxy M51?

Samsung Galaxy M51 has massive 7,000 mAh battery with 25W fast charging support. As per Samsung, that 25W charger can charge the phone 0 to 100 percent in 115 minutes. In short, the battery will last for two days, in the end it depend on you how you use the phone.

Does Samsung Galaxy M51 has dedicated micro-SD card slot?

Yes, the Galaxy M51 has Two SIM card + dedicated micro-SD card and you can expend the storage up to 512GB via micro-SD card.

How is the build quality of Galaxy M51?

The phone has Glass front (Gorilla Glass 3), plastic back, plastic frame. You can see, Samsung did some cost-cutting in build quality. So if you don’t like the plastic build then this could be deal breaker for you but I feel , Samsung has used good quality plastic, so there won’t be any issues but still plastic is plastic.

How is the display quality of Galaxy M51?

The Galaxy M51 comes with 6.70 inches AMOLED display and this is 60Hz screen refresh rate display. As I have said, many time, Samsung produce the best display in the world, so there is nothing to worry about display quality. The phone has the best display quality under Rs 25,000 Rs 22,999.

Does Galaxy M51 has fast charging support.

Yes, Galaxy M51 has 25W fast charging support and 25W charger will be supplied in the box.

Is it worth to buy 4G Phone?

It depends on you. If you gonna changes the phone in next one year then yes, you can buy 4G phone but if you gonna keep the smartphone for three or four years then it’s better to buy 5G phone because 5G is coming in Indian in next one or two years.

It is worth buying Samsung Galaxy M51?

Yes, Galaxy M51 is worth buying because the phone has the best cameras setup, top-class display quality, massive 7,000 mAh battery, powerful processor but the phone doesn’t have 4G. Overall. Galaxy M51 is value for money device and this is worth the 23k price tag.

Samsung Galaxy M51 Pros and Cons

Great Display Quality4G is missing
Massive 7,000 mAh battery
NFC Support
Solid Camera setup


If you want an overall best smartphone and if you can live with 4G then don’t look for anything else as Galaxy M51 has everything that you’re looking for in a budget smartphone. The cameras have improved from the launch, battery life is batter than ever, there won’t be any problem in performance.

In short, Galaxy M51 is power pack smartphone which offers almost everything.

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