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  1. What’s better than the Samsung A13 in that price range need to purchase tomorrow my is about dead have the A11 now

    1. Nothing is better hun u can buy a13 128gb version as a12 is already old and outdated so in price rang until 200 dollars u won’t find other new samsung phone i have a13 he work fine for that price range as we can’t expect gamer processor and amoled screen on a budget model. So don’t listen this review he saying a13 bad but don’t suggest what we to buy in price range until 200usd.

  2. Oh wait a minute so what you are saying here mobile is awful and overpriced then you complain how it should be 130$ in India and not as 190$ In USA. Im from Serbia which is also poor country and I paid mine 200 euros which is like 210$ for 4gb 128gb version so what should I say. And of course soon after I noticed flaws ur stating here bad and dark PLS screen battery drain and poor exyno processor. But now nothing to do I tried reselling it nobody want to give me even 170$ for it. But this is samsung what u expect even slightly better phone with amoled screens and better processors are already price leveled over 350 euros which is no more a budget phone. Many people can’t afford to pay more than 250 euro on a phone so in that price rang this is only new model of Samsung u will get cus take a note that even model as Samsung a23 isn’t much better and price is already way more than a13. Chinese phones we all know are laggy and bad. So u might can get some Chinese phone at this price rang but later ull have to stand the bugs that go with them. So kindly suggest what should we take if we want to owe a Samsung and not spend over 250 euros. Because take a note 2 year ago I paid this same price on model a20e which had poor screen small in size also tft screen and only 3gb 32gb storage which be full with few basic apps he was also 200 dollar when come out here and even now new one cost 150$ so just u have to accept u pay some 50$ extra for brand name and take a note no more earbuds no charger with a13 u have to pay extra 50$ to get those and lastly some models as a53 5g don’t possess audio jack lol so who buy those models will have to invest in wireless buds which cost as hell. So who can’t afford samsung just switch to Chinese one or second hand phones.